The Big Ten season will end this weekend as various teams play their ninth game of the season. Nebraska kicked off the weekend’s schedule with a 28-21 victory over Rutgers on Friday, and fans are now excited about the team’s chances of playing a bowl game. Even though they have a 3-5 record, the Huskers could get an opportunity to participate in a bowl game due to the uncertainty surrounding some of the eligible teams. Some teams opted out because of the coronavirus pandemic, and Nebraska Huskers fans are waiting to see whether the team will get a chance in the coming weeks.

In a recent interview, the Huskers head coach revealed that he wouldn’t mind seeing his players take the field for their final game of the season.

Coach Frost feels that his players should make the decision on whether to play a bowl game

Scott Frost acknowledged that the 2020 season has been difficult, but he will let his players decided whether the team will play in a bowl game. If Nebraska gets a slot in the competition, Coach Frost has promised his players that they will make the final decision about the team’s participation. The third-year head coach revealed that some players on the team have not been with their families since April, and they could be less motivated to play in a bowl game.

However, Scott Frost feels that playing another game this season could be beneficial for his players. After watching Coach Frost’s interview, several Nebraska fans took to social media and urged their team to participate in a bowl game.

Fans have urged the team to participate in a bowl game if an opportunity arises

A majority of fans argued that the Huskers players would benefit from the experience of playing in a bowl game, and the team could have some momentum heading into spring training.

One spectator pointed out that the players will have an opportunity to win two games in a row if they play in next week’s games. Nevertheless, fans have acknowledged that the players should have the final say in the decision, and they have praised Coach Frost for prioritizing the well-being of his team.

It has been a difficult season for the Huskers, but the team has stuck together throughout their up and down season.

Even though Nebraska could end its season with a losing record, the team was competitive during the year and lost a majority of its games by a one-score margin. Additionally, Scott Frost had to deal with the loss of his father, Larry, during the year. Huskers’ fans are proud of the effort that their team has put in during the year, and they wouldn’t mind seeing more great football in the final week of the season. However, the players will ultimately have to make the decision.