One week after the “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way” finale, TLC has yet to officially announce whether the show’s cast members will film the traditional Tell All episodes. It seems unlikely that the season-ending episodes will air on the network since the eighth season of “90 Day Fiancé” will premiere on December 6. Fortunately for fans, TLC recently commissioned a new spinoff series that could divulge more information about the cast members from the second season of “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.”

Shaun Robinson teases scandalous details about Jenny and Sumit’s relationship

In a recent interview, “90 Day Fiancé” Tell All host, Shaun Robinson, revealed that she would be involved in TLC’s latest spinoff series, “90 Day Bares All.” The show will offer fans an opportunity to watch behind the scenes footage from previous seasons, as well as some vulgar and controversial scenes that could not air on regular television.

In her interview, Shaun hinted that Jenny Slatten and Sumit’s relationship was more scandalous than what the fans watched on TV, and she will reveal some juicy details about the couple on “90 Day Bares All.” According to ET Shaun said, "it is so much worse [than what you saw on TV] and now I know why we could not show it on regular TV, but here we can show it."

Sumit could defy his parents and tie the knot with Jenny

During the “The Other Way” finale, Sumit and Jenny decided to shelve their wedding plans. Sumit’s mother, Sahna, declared that she would take her life if the two reality stars decided to tie the knot. According to Shaun, fans will find out more information about the complicated rapport between Jenny and Sumit’s parents.

In the upcoming “90 Day Bares All” series, a producer who followed the two reality stars in both of their appearances on “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way” will disclose some astounding revelations about the couple.

While Sumit claimed that he was still determined to get married to Jenny in the season finale, it looks as if that there could be more to their relationship than they disclosed.

Fans have speculated that Sumit and Jenny are already engaged, and the Indian reality star could have immigrated to the United States after his parents declined to give their approval to his relationship. Sumit has also offered scanty details about his divorce from his first wife. Fans could get to learn more about the Indian reality stars arranged marriage on “90 Day Bares All.” The show will make its debut on Discovery+ in January.

In the meantime, fans can follow Sumit and Jenny on Instagram to find out whether they are still together. In his last Instagram post, the 32-year-old reality star declared that he wouldn’t allow his family or friends to mock him for choosing Jenny. The “90 Day Fiancé” star could go through with his plans to marry his American girlfriend without his parent’s permission.