Anfisa Nava officially filed for separation from Jorge after he completed his prison sentence in May. Jorge has already moved on to another relationship with a mysterious woman, and he recently announced that he was expecting a child with his new girlfriend. However, Anfisa still uses Jorge’s last name on her social media accounts despite their divorce. One “90 Day Fiancé” viewer recently criticized Anfisa over her use of her ex-husband’s name, but the 25-year-old did not back down from the confrontation.

Anfisa insists that she has the legal right to bear Jorge’s last name

After Anfisa posted a gorgeous picture of herself in a black workout outfit on Instagram, a fan confronted her over her use of Jorge’s last name. The critic argued that Anfisa should not use her ex-husband’s name because he has already moved on, and he is expecting a child with another woman. However, Anfisa defended herself saying: "Legally it's my last name and Instagram does not let me change it because I have a blue check," she wrote.

Fans have slammed Anfisa for her unapologetic attitude

The Russian reality star concluded her reply by wondering why the critical fan was concerned about her last name. However, many “90 Day Fiancé” viewers have expressed their displeasure at Anfisa’s attitude.

Even though the 25-year-old reality star offered a reasonable explanation for her continued use of Jorge’s last name, the fans feel that she should sever all her links to Jorge because their relationship did not end on good terms.

In a past interview, Jorge accused Anfisa of abandoning him after he was sent to prison with a two-year sentence for marijuana possession.

The American reality star has alleged that Anfisa left him for another man even though he needed her support to get through his difficult jail term. Nevertheless, Jorge has moved on from his failed relationship with Anfisa, and he appears happy with his new girlfriend. After the couple announced that they were expecting a baby, many fans congratulated them on the good news.

However, Anfisa indirectly threw shade at her ex-husband after she liked a comment from a fan who called Jorge a “baby daddy.” The Russian reality star appears unapologetic about her use of Jorge’s last name, and it will be interesting to see whether he calls her out for her recent remarks. Fans wouldn’t mind seeing the two reality stars appear on a future season of “90 Day Fiancé” since they would get more details about the reasons for their break up.