Anfisa Nava has finally acknowledged the news that her ex-husband will be a father in the coming months. Last week, Jorge Nava announced that his girlfriend is pregnant, and he posted a sonogram picture on his social media accounts. While Jorge is yet to reveal the identity of his new sweetheart, the American reality star has indicated that he is looking forward to being a father. “90 Day Fiancé” viewers had wondered how Anfisa would react to the news. In her latest Instagram post, the Russian reality star appeared unenthusiastic about her ex-partner’s achievement.

Anfisa liked a comment from a fan who referred to Jorge as a 'baby daddy'

While Anfisa did not directly address Jorge’s new relationship, she responded to a comment that a fan wrote on her Instagram account. The Russian reality star had shared a picture of herself wearing red lingerie. Anfisa’s followers praised her for sharing the picture, and one fan wrote that the 25-year-old was looking like a ten, but her ex-husband had chosen to become a “baby daddy.” Anfisa replied to the comment by posting a heart emoji. It appears that the “90 Day Fiancé” star is uninterested in congratulating her ex-husband for conceiving a baby with his current girlfriend.

Jorge felt that Anfisa abandoned him in prison to be with another man

Jorge and Anfisa agreed to mutually end their marriage this year, but the couple traded accusations as they tried to justify the reasons for their divorce. After he finished his prison sentence in May, Jorge opened up about the reasons for his failed relationship.

The American reality star accused Anfisa of abandoning him while he was in prison to be with another man even though he desperately needed her support. Nevertheless, Jorge did not feel sorry for himself. Instead, he focused on getting healthier and working out in prison, which enabled him to lose close to 125 pounds.

On her part, Anfisa denied the allegations that she had left Jorge to be with another lover.

In a past interview, she maintained that she broke up with Jorge because she did not love him anymore. Anfisa revealed that she confronted her husband over her feelings, and they mutually agreed to file for a divorce once he got out of prison. Ever since their break up, Anfisa has been working as a certified personal trainer and model in California, but she has kept her love life private. Jorge, on the other hand, has frequently shared pictures of his new girlfriend on his Instagram account. The 31-year-old reality star has not revealed his partner’s name to his followers, but that could all change once the couple welcomes their first child. However, it seems unlikely that Anfisa will attend their baby shower.