90 Day Fiancé” viewers have been offering their support to Deavan Clegg after she revealed that Drascilla, her daughter, was having health problems. Last week, the American reality star asked fans to pray for Drascilla, and she promised that she would share more details about her daughter’s condition once she got a full diagnosis. In her recent Instagram post, Deavan shared some sad news about her daughter’s health, and it appears that Drascilla’s disease may be worse than what the 23-year-old reality star expected.

Deavan reveals that Drascilla is suffering from Bells Palsy

Deavan posted a picture of her Drascilla on her Instagram story and revealed that she is hoping to see her daughter's smile again. The disease causes facial muscles to weaken on one side of the face. One of the symptoms of the condition is the sagging of muscles on the affected half of the face, which can lead to crooked smiles and prevent patients from closing their eyelids. While announcing the news about her daughter’s struggle with the ailment, Deavan claimed that she was devastated, but she revealed that she had already begun working with Drascilla to improve her condition. The American reality star thanked fans for their prayers before expressing hope that her daughter would make a full recovery.

Fans have reached out to Deavan on social media to offer their support

Fortunately, Bells Palsy is treatable through physical therapy, and patients generally take six months to beat the disease. “90 Day Fiancé” viewers have offered their support to Deavan over her daughters’ condition, and they are hopeful that Drascilla will overcome her illness.

Deavan has been starring in the ongoing second season of “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way,” but she has had a difficult time getting along with her Korean husband, Jihoon Lee. While the two reality stars are still together on the show, Deavan has used her social media account to prove to fans that she has moved on from Jihoon.

The American reality star is currently dating, Christopher Park, an Asian actor based in Los Angeles. Deavan and her new boyfriend have often posted pictures of themselves enjoying each other’s company, and they recently celebrated the Halloween holiday together. For now, it appears that Deavan’s biggest concern is making sure that Drascilla’s health condition improves. Despite her daughters’ health problems, Deavan still took her out for trick or treating on Halloween. The 23-year-old reality star told fans that she was proud to see her daughter enjoying the holiday despite her recent troubles. Fans can follow Deavan on Instagram to get more updates about Drascilla’s fight with Bells Palsy.

It will be interesting to see whether Jihoon sends his good wishes to Deavan’s daughter. The Korean reality star also has a son with Deavan, and fans hope that the two reality stars can put their differences aside and support Drascilla’s recovery.