The cast and crew of “When Calls the Heart” have been diligently at work for months now, crafting the memorable scenes of Season 8 for the Hallmark Channel’s centerpiece drama. Like all the other TV Shows braving production in these pandemic times, everyone involved understands that health and safety protocols take priority over plot twists. Nonetheless, Elizabeth Thornton, portrayed by Erin Krakow, is bound to be swept up in a tide of romance as the teacher, single mother, and conscientious central figure of Hope Valley makes the most pivotal decision of her life in the future-- who will have her heart.

Hearties will be holding onto the edge of their seats and reaching for tissues while Elizabeth contemplates her choice. Either option she makes between Constable Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry) and saloon owner and new petroleum company boss, Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally), holds strong stakes. Nathan’s struggle to confront his own feelings for her and his devotion as Allie’s father figure prompts Elizabeth’s nurturing side as she delves beyond the surface. Lucas craves nothing from Elizabeth but her love. He thrives on challenging her passions and showing his unending patience to “wait as long as it takes” to win her love on “When Calls the Heart.” He has no shame in displaying his heart openly on his sleeve.

While Erin Krakow weighs her character’s romantic future, her former leading man and still friend, Daniel Lissing, is letting it be known that he is ready and waiting to reemerge on “When Calls the Heart,” and is only a phone call away, as the Australian actor related in features for Heavy and ShowbizCheatSheet on October 25.

Lissing is still on friendly terms with his old friends on the drama and holds out hope for a future project with Hallmark. Executive producer and co-creator, Brian Bird, has no regrets regarding the exit of Mountie Jack Thornton or the future for Daniel Lissing.

Daniel Lissing has the door open to ‘When Calls the Heart’ any time

The fan fervor for “When Calls the Heart” is something Daniel Lissing knows well. Many among the Hearties faithful have never forgiven the drama or the star for the decision to allow the demise of Mountie Jack Thornton at the close of Season 5.

What many viewers did not realize after the tragic close of Season 5, which left Elizabeth a widow following her husband's noble but devastating loss during a landslide, trying to save his men in a training exercise, was that Daniel Lissing made the conscious decision to leave the Hallmark hit show.

Just as love became preeminent for his character on “When Calls the Heart,” in real life, the actor had met the love of his life, Nadia.

He could not bear the loss of precious time together and sharing the adventure of life and love for the sake of a shooting schedule. Erin Krakow and Lori Loughlin flanked Lissing as he made his announcement on “Home & Family,” stating “very personal reasons,” of which Nadia was first. He also thanked the producers for their understanding and concern. Jack Wagner was one of the friends and co-stars who offered counsel to Daniel. The veteran star understood the dilemma of leaving a beloved character in a long-running series.

The last time “When Calls the Heart” faithful heard from the beloved former star, he was describing staying cozy and looking out for himself and his loved one, along with neighbors, during self- quarantining.

He and Nadia delayed their international wedding plans until next year in an effort to keep family and friends safe and healthy.

Next year's wedding hoopla is still on, conditions permitting. Daniel Lissing is now a married man, however. He and Nadia made their vows official in “a very small and service” in California in June. “It was our favorite moment. Ever,” the star described to ET, probably topping the touching on-screen wedding moment almost 5 years in the making on “When Calls the Heart.”

Now, Daniel Lissing is ready for his phone to ring with a chance for a “When Calls the Heart” reunion with his friends and castmates. “If Hallmark called me for anything, I'd be there,” assures the star.

“They were there for me for five years, so, of course, I love those guys.” Lissing means what he says, stressing that he would accommodate the drama “anytime.”

Human ‘When Calls the Heart’ castmates may not be the ones Daniel misses most

Actors who spend long days together perfecting scenes or sharing spaces [now in prescribed pods] on location naturally develop close relationships. The “When Calls the Heart” family truly fosters the sense of connectedness that the fictional community of Hope Valley portrays. During their years sharing the screen, Erin Krakow and Daniel Lissing often harmonized in song, shared playful jokes, or just passed time talking when not on set. Despite the memories, Daniel dropped a hint that Erin may not be the first cast member that he longs to see.

“I could see my old horse, Taylor,” Lissing specifically mentioned by name. Once a Mountie, always a Mountie, it seems. Erin Krakow has grown quite fond of the steed who portrays Jack Thornton’s mount, Sergeant, on “When Calls the Heart.” He will one day be Little Jack's faithful ally.

As for potential cameos perfectly suited for Daniel Lissing, there are many possibilities. He could portray just a passerby dropping into Ned Yost’s Mercantile, with everyone noticing how much the stranger resembled Jack Thornton.

Fans will remember that Jack left final instructions for Elizabeth to find love again in his last letter to her. That being said, it would be touching and so apropos if the late husband came to her in a vision or dream to give his approval on her decision, whichever suitor she may choose.

Jack might also appear to his best friend, Bill Avery, portrayed by Wagner, in a show of steadfast solidarity and appreciation for his watchful eye over Elizabeth and his son. The spirit of Jack Thornton remains a presence on “When Calls the Heart.” Whichever form his character’s possible return takes, Daniel Lissing will convey the sense of strength, protection, and humor that are part of his legacy.

A movie may happen for the ‘When Calls the Heart’ favorites

Brian Bird, the very vocal executive producer of “When Calls the Heart” makes no apologies for the ending of Jack Thornton’s life. “We knew there was only one way for Jack Thornton to leave Hope Valley, and that was in a box.”

As agonizing as the loss was, Bird was not about to make the same dreadful TV miscue as “Bewitched” in the 1960s.

The sitcom replaced original star, Dick York with Dick Sargent, never saying so much as a word about the new Darrin. The most terrible treatment of a TV land death was the “Dallas” handling of Bobby Ewing. Fans were expected to swallow that a full season of the family drama never happened-- it was all a dream. Bird and his production openly admit to taking a page from “Downtown Abbey” to allow their leading character to live and die in honor.

As a man, a husband, and a father, his character was idolized. He left his whole heart to his wife and son and died a hero to his men and his service. In a recent readers’ poll, Heavy respondents still rated the character as the best match for Elizabeth, no matter how unfeasible.

It should be noted that Season 7 was the most-watched in the “When Calls the Heart” run, so no tears for the new guys are in order,

A Christmas movie treatment by Daniel Lissing that was first pitched to Hallmark about three years ago could be a possibility. The premise pairs him with Erin Krakow in today's times. At the time, the network didn't bite. Daniel wonders if the waters are friendlier now. Both stars have a repertoire of well-loved holiday favorites, and viewers are desperate for some romantic escapism. The “When Calls the Heart” memories don't hurt, either.