Erin Krakow warmed her way into the hearts of the“When Calls the Heart” faithful from her first episode as Elizabeth Thatcher. The lovely brunette brought more than her Juilliard training to bear in the role of a lifetime on the Hallmark Channel drama. From her first on-camera appearance, Erin Krakow already had a sense of the plucky spirit and resilience that would push her character past the trauma caused by being attacked and robbed of all her possessions en route to her new position. Elizabeth Thatcher came from a wealthy family, but she understood the loss and pain that the children and families of Coal Valley had gone through after a mining disaster.

She was willing to learn the rigors of the rustic Northwest Territory life in her mission to do more than educate the children—she wanted to help heal the community.

Followers of “When Calls the Heart” continued to pull for Erin Krakow and the entire cast of the drama as the romance between Elizabeth and Mountie Jack Thornton unfolded and the community embraced its identity as Hope Valley. Star Daniel Lissing, who embodied the role of the Mountie for five years, decided to depart from the series at the close of Season 5 to pursue other projects and real-life love. He and Krakow gave fans the beautiful gift of their characters’ wedding, complete with vows written by the actors from their characters’ perspective, as ShowbizCheatSheet noted on October 4.

The newlyweds were barely back from their honeymoon before noble Jack was killed in a training accident, trying to spare his men.

When Calls the Heart” fosters loyalty seldom cultivated by TV Shows. Within a single episode, Erin Krakow conveyed the story arc from a grieving widow to an expectant mother with impeccable humanity and grace.

The single mother and teacher took on a greater role as a civic leader as the entire community rallied around her in nurturing and raising baby Jack. A new Constable, Nathan Grant, portrayed by Kevin McGarry, and a dashing and intriguing saloon owner, Lucas Bouchard, brought to the screen by Chris McNally, moved into Hope Valley.

Both were drawn to Elizabeth, but it took a while for her heart to be ready for love again.

Erin Krakow is playfully signaling to fans that Elizabeth is in for big romance when Season 8 sets off in 2021, as Yahoo via Good Housekeeping reports on October 4. The actress is also displaying her characteristic habit of sending happy birthday wishes and appreciating good friends.

A little green friend helps Erin Krakow spread the word on Season 8 love

“When Calls the Heart” legions love that Erin Krakow takes the time to be active and responsive on social media. The savvy leading lady also knows the value of keeping a secret. Last week, she shared a sweet cartoon pear to help her convey a promise.

“Just wanted to assure you all that there will be romance in S8.

Trust me. The star’s point was accentuated by the cartoon fruit turning with a smile and a wink, with a tiny red nose. Erin Krakow is known to love snacking on natural fruits, so even this reminder fits in with her good health routines.

More love is in the air for ‘When Calls the Heart’ stars other than Erin Krakow

Many “When Calls the Heart” devotees were dismayed last month when a response came by social media that the drama wasn't able to complete its annual tradition of a Christmas movie.

The show has been shooting under strict protocols of health and safety, maintaining separate “pods” assigned to specific cast and crew. Only actors in specific scenes were allowed on-set together, and many scenes were shot outdoors to increase safety factors. Production during the pandemic put health and safety as front-and-center priorities for Erin Krakow and everyone involved with “When Calls the Heart” in lieu of the anticipated holiday treat, the drama will add more episodes to Season 8 and promises a Christmas “surprise.”

One thing that Pascale Hutton and Kavan Smith discussed as a priority during their generous self- quarantined interviews in the spring was fulfilling Rosemary and Lee Coulter’s fond yearning for a child.

A stalwart couple of marital bliss and devotion in Hope Valley disagree on how the child should arrive—Pascale wants to see Rosemary pregnant. Kavan prefers adoption or some other means of family expansion, but either way, both are committed to seeing their characters become parents in Season 8, which would be an answered prayer for longtime “Hearties.”

Rosemary has been a decisive influence for Elizabeth in having the honesty to realize that her heart is opening up to love again. She also has impressed upon her good friend that now is the time to make a decision between her two worthy suitors. Lucas has made his love and his patience abundantly clear to Elizabeth, and he let it be known that, like his father, he would wait as long as necessary to win her heart.

The dinner date between them after the Virginia Woolf reception in Union City was one of the most movingly intimate scenes ever filmed on “When Calls the Heart,” and not one forward move from Erin Krakow or Chris McNally was made. Their eyes, the remarkable dialogue, and the perfect pauses spoke everything necessary. It is very hard to resist a man who not only cares about his beloved but also about all the things she holds dear.

Nathan, on the other hand, struggles not to stumble over any word in Elizabeth’s presence. Still, the Constable did manage to move past his outburst toward Elizabeth after the storm on the mountaintop, which showcased the most powerful performances yet between Kevin McGarry and Erin Krakow.

It may be some time before he gets to the three little words, but he did tell her “You matter to me,” at the stables. That emotional confession covered big progress for the mounted police officer.

Only Elizabeth can decipher the meaning of the forceful, rushing embrace that she bestowed on Nathan Grant in the Season 7 finale. Was it mere relief after reliving a similar tragedy to her late husband’s in her mind or did it represent a passion that even she had not reckoned? Executive producer, Brian Bird, divulged early on that Season 8’s first episode, “Honestly, Elizabeth,” would begin with a “Boom!” Beyond that, Erin Krakow is enjoying keeping fans on pins and needles.

Either way, and either man she chooses, Erin Krakow will portray the character she knows so well through the process of making the most life-changing decision of her life.

Odds are that no big decisions come in the first episode, but with more episodes promised in Season 8, there is more “When Calls the Heart” romance to cherish, along with a “surprise” at Christmas time.

Birthdays are always big deals for Erin Krakow

Erin Krakow shows her heart with her lively sense of humor, her duty to her craft, even in pandemic times, and her memory for every special date to anyone special to her. No matter how long the days on-set become, the beloved actress never lets a birthday slip by unnoticed. Through her eight seasons, Krakow has been the official unofficial birthday ambassador for “When Calls the Heart.”

In the past few days, Erin Krakow has been gracious enough to share her own image of a rose in bloom and co-star Pascale Hutton in big curlers glancing through People magazine.

When the date fell on the birthday of veteran castmate, Jack Wagner, however, Erin felt moved to create a Haiku for the man who plays a sometimes curmudgeonly judge. Clearly, his character is quite different off-camera.

Captioning a relaxed photo of herself during an easy moment with Wagner, Erin Krakow offered these lines in her Japanese poem:

“Hair like golden silk

Funny with a rolling pin


The sentiment surely refers to the experience and unity that Wagner brings to “When Calls the Heart.” Hopefully, Erin Krakow will be writing love letters as Elizabeth to the man of her heart in the next few months. The anticipation wouldn't be near as fun if true love became known too soon.