The hearts of “When Calls the Heart” fans were lifted into the stratosphere by the sight of the leading lady, Erin Krakow, flashing her lovely translucent blue eyes above her facemask in a “plane selfie” on Wednesday. Above and beyond seeing the beloved leading lady of the Hallmark Channel’s most treasured drama basking in the light from her window seat, “Hearties” everywhere were especially delighted in the destination of this trip.

As confirmed by Entertainment Tonight and ShowbizCheatSheet, on July 8 and July 9, Erin was off to Vancouver, where “When Calls the Heart” makes its production home, along with TV Shows like “The Good Doctor.” The actress adhered to every pandemic safety precaution, of course, so her lips, for now, are off-limits.

She found a way to share her famous smile, nonetheless, and many more safety measures will fill the shooting of Season 8. Even so, Erin Krakow is thankful and thrilled to be back in Hope Valley, and even grateful for the weather.

A yellow sticky note says everything for the ‘When Calls the Heart’ fans

These are frightening and troubling times under the coronavirus siege, but Erin Krakow is determined to follow and celebrate the “When Calls the Heart” tradition of sending out the first photo to signal the start of another new season. Her hand-drawn smile was a ray of sunshine to her followers, and certainly a message of hope through this painful hiatus from normalcy due to the illness.

Krakow proved that her sweetness and sense of humor are still fully intact, noting that the photo share was #Tradition and “#APlaneSelfieNotAPlainSelfie” in her caption.

In character or in real life, the actress is a role model for rolling with life’s punches, and she and her “When Calls the Heart” castmates stayed connected and creative during self-isolation. Erin worked on finding the perfect karaoke song, along with making brownies. Kevin McGarry enhanced his musical skills by practicing piano, and food aficionado, Chris McNally, planted many fresh edibles in his home garden.

Catching up on hobbies will be a hot topic, on the “When Calls the Heart” set but, when scenes are not being shot, it will look like a very different world than the Northwest Territory of the 1910s. Safety is the first priority, and it applies to everyone.

Pods and strict protocols will be part of ‘When Calls the Heart’ production

Hopefully, Erin Krakow already has a full assortment of masks, because the facial coverings will be worn by everyone on “When Calls the Heart” except actors during the filming of scenes. Among the “new rules and protocols,” that the leading lady detailed, is that “we’re operating in pods,” which are essentially teams of people in the same department. The production is aiming “to avoid crossover,” as much as possible, between the pods.

Per the mores of courtly love that “When Calls the Heart” portrays, intimate moments don't require physical closeness. A look, a backward glance, and even a memory can dwell in the deepest recesses of the heart.

Viewers should expect many outdoor scenes through Season 8, and perhaps, much more reflection in her diary pages from Elizabeth than between her suitors in person.

Lucas witnessed Elizabeth's rush to embrace Constable Grant in the final minutes of the Season 7 finale, and Chris McNally admitted that his character likely “has to rethink everything” in light of seeing feelings that he didn't think were quite so strong. McNally discussed the finale in April with Entertainment Tonight, along with Erin and Kevin. Lucas loves grand gestures, and he likely has many more planned for the love of his life. He may not be able to present them in person, but his literary exposure may prove to be a passionate tool.

In the meantime, can Nathan Grant develop the gift of speaking his emotions? Regardless of required social distance, Elizabeth and “When Calls the Heart” faithful will hear words from the heart in one way or another.

Erin Krakow is passionate about wearing masks on ‘When Calls the Heart’ and elsewhere

The entire ensemble on “When Calls the Heart” is undoubtedly experiencing a communal joy as they ride out this unprecedented period properly distanced. Erin Krakow is “so grateful” to be back at work, and she's looking forward to “Vancouver's gorgeous summer weather” as the production resumes.

With all her excitement, the star realizes that the only reason she or any of her castmates can feel comfortable “is because we are prioritizing safety.” Erin adamantly appeals to “everyone to continue wearing a mask and to practice social-distancing.”

When Calls the Heart” had its own precursor to the pandemic in the episode “Sweet and Sour” last season.

Hope Valley was stricken with an outbreak of chickenpox, which at the time was very serious, and sometimes deadly, especially to adults. While Elizabeth notified parents after Opal (Ava Grace Cooper) got “spots” at school. Nathan and Lucas joined forces to notify and protect the surrounding area on a horseback mission. When Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) became ill, Elizabeth summoned nurse Faith Carter (Andrea Brooks) for medical intervention.

Chickenpox ceased costing lives because the varicella vaccine was researched and developed. Until that landmark comes for the coronavirus, everyone must follow safe practices, most prominently, wearing a mask anytime an individual leaves home.

Erin Krakow has a firm ally in her crusade for health.

Months ago, Pascale Hutton donned a mask made by a friend, proclaiming her heart. The proceeds were for the benefit of essential workers. Pascale Hutton and her on-screen husband, Kavan Smith, are due to have a much bigger storyline in Season 8, as Rosemary and Lee’s dreams of a family become reality. “When Calls the Heart” fans are overjoyed by that prospect.

“We are not yet out of the woods,” Erin Krakow cautions regarding the COVID-19 crisis. It is taking an army of dedicated, essential team members to get “When Calls the Heart” rolling into new episodes for Season 8. The star sheds the idea of living in fear, but insists that everyone “make choices that reflect compassion for ourselves and others.”

Here's hoping that Hearties everywhere heed the leading lady’s heartfelt plea.