Daniel Lissing knows how “When Calls the Heart” fans cherish a wedding. The Australian actor, who portrayed Mountie Jack Thornton through five seasons of the Hallmark Channel’s most beloved and watched series, and his on-screen bride, Erin Krakow, as Elizabeth Thornton, depicted the most personal, treasured vows any “Heartie” could wish for in their Season 5 wedding.

By the time of the unforgettable ceremony, Daniel Lissing had already made his deeply personal and difficult decision to depart from “When Calls the Heart,” for reasons that Mountie Jack and everyone involved with the series could understand.

In real life, the star had met the love of his life, Nadia, and he didn't want to spend one moment apart from her.

Last October, the couple announced their official engagement, with a subdued but stunning black-and-white photo of the fiance wearing her beautiful ring and another of the couple very evidently overjoyed. Two months ago, the star elaborated to Entertainment Tonight that the completely smitten lovebirds were committed to a destination wedding in Bali, surrounded by dear friends and family.

Daniel and Nadia are still committed to being married in Bali, but their September plan has been interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, as Lissing explained to Deidre Behar of Entertainment Tonight on May 21, and corroborated by Cinema Blend on May 23.

Lissing and his lady love remain cozy and happily in love through quarantine together in Los Angeles, and their special day will linger in their hearts even longer than the lovely screen moments on “When Calls the Heart.”

Daniel Lissing demonstrates that he is perfect husband material after ‘When Calls the Heart’

In his portrayal of Jack Thornton, Daniel Lissing was the ultimate protector, not only of Elizabeth but of all of Hope Valley.

He rushed into flooding waters, raging fires, and a myriad of other dangers to save citizens. Even in his death, his character put sparing his men above his own life. In the wake of his tragic loss, “When Calls the Heart” brought the blessing of his son on the way in the Season 5 finale.

Completely separate from the make-believe of TV Shows, the entire world is gripped by another deadly tragedy in the coronavirus crisis, but thankfully, Lissing and Nadia are safe and contented at home.

The versatile actor and musician describes being together 24/7 as “easy.” “Our relationship is expanding to better and better places,” Daniel affirms. He and Nadia have learned ways to give each other space within the same quarters and “to laugh at each other when we get p@ssed off.”

Humor goes a long way in making any relationship last and being able to do hair certainly doesn't hurt. The “When Calls the Heart” alum never demonstrated his hairstyling talents with Elizabeth, but now that Nadia can't see a beautician, Daniel has been styling her hair and “doing the eyebrow shaping and plucking.” He has also painted her nails. Someday, when children come along, he will be invited to every tea party and glam session hosted by his little girl.

Going from rustic ‘When Calls the Heart’ romance to tying the knot in Bali

Daniel Lissing stands firm that “putting everything on hold” regarding the September wedding plans was the right thing to do. “We don't want to risk the health and safety of our friends and family,” the actor insists. He and his fiance are optimistic that the virus will subside and pass through the necessary hemispheres to allow them to exchange their vows in Bali, but maybe in “May or June” of next year. The specific date will remain a secret. Lissing will only disclose that it's one that is “important to us-- maybe the day we met.”

“We're pretty philosophical about these things,” he contends, saying that as long as they focus “on the things we can control, and don't sweat the things we can’t control, it's all good.”

When Calls the Heart” fans will remember several snippets of Daniel Lissing and Erin Krakow singing together.

Lissing is loaded with musical talent and he has been crafting a special song to sing to his bride at the wedding. The song remains unfinished because Daniel wants to make sure that the song is “current” to the time of the nuptials.

In the meantime, Nadia and Daniel are enjoying home-cooked meals on their little courtyard, and listening to Andrea Bocelli. Nadia has already changed her Instagram name to “Nadia Lissing,” so there's no looking back now.

Daniel does check-in with his “When Calls the Heart” co-star, Erin Krakow, every two weeks or so via WhatsApp. He also hopes to continue another different kind of storyline.

‘When Calls the Heart’ and ‘The Rookie’ are complicated at the moment

When Calls the Heart” left fans teetering on the edge of love in the drama’s Season 7 finale.

Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally) had graciously and chivalrously declared his love for Elizabeth. He saw to it that her book was seen by the right eyes and the result was a lucrative contract. Once again, he treated her to a lavish dinner date to celebrate, with a more subtle but equally sincere declaration of his love.

When Elizabeth fears that Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry) has been shot during a prisoner transit, she rushes into the Mountie’s arms with a tide of emotional relief. Lucas was clearly shaken by witnessing the embrace. Only time will tell who takes her heart and settles the turbulent “When Calls the Heart” love quandary.

It is far too early for Elizabeth to be even considering wedding plans, but someone on “When Calls the Heart” is bound to be celebrating marriage.

Lee and Rosemary Coulter (Kavan Smith and Pascale Hutton) are ready and waiting to expand their family in the coming season, and fans will be cheering for them.

Last December, Daniel Lissing was left hanging in a romantic cliffhanger as his new character in “The Rookie,” Sterling Freeman. The character, an actor who plays a cop, had just made an overture to Jackson (Titus Makin Jr.) to spend an extended evening. Unfortunately, a kiss to seal the deal was interrupted by a stalker with a gun, who shot Jackson.

Fans certainly hope that the misguided aim was not fatal, and Lissing feels passionate about “allowing viewers to hear the stories of people from a whole bunch of diverse backgrounds and hear stories from all walks of life.” Makin is also in Daniel's corner, hoping that the storyline will unfold further.

Weddings may wait a while, for “When Calls the Heart” and Daniel Lissing. Still, love is alive and thriving, along with bright futures both on-screen and off.