Justin Fields' complicated relationship with the Georgia college football team came up last Saturday after the team's fans trolled him on national television. Fields transferred from Georgia to Ohio State Buckeyes the previous year after a fan hurled a racial slur at him during a game.

The talented quarterback had a lot of success with the Buckeyes, leading the team to the college playoff semifinals before losing out to Clemson in a controversial loss. However, Georgia fans are still bitter with Fields for transferring from their program, and a section of fans recently trolled him on Twitter.

Georgia fans troll Fields after their latest win

During last Saturday's 27-6 win over the Auburn Tigers, some Georgia fans made a sign that insinuated that Fields was watching the game from his couch. The Bulldogs fans were trolling the Ohio State quarterback over the recent controversy surrounding the Big Ten season's start.

Earlier in August, the Big Ten's commissioner, Kevin Warren, announced that the Power 5 conference would cancel its football season. However, fans were relieved after Commissioner Warren reversed the decision and announced that the Big Ten would begin its season on October 24. However, Georgia fans feel that Fields' decision to transfer to Ohio State put him at a disadvantage this year, but the Buckeyes have clapped back at the Bulldogs fans.

Fields have not responded to the taunts from his former team

Ohio State Buckeyes recently posted a picture of Fields preparing for the new season on its Twitter account, and the team captioned the photograph by writing that Fields was not on the couch.

The talented quarterback has not addressed the trolling incident from Georgia fans. Instead, Fields has been working hard to ensure that he is ready for the new season since he played an important role in convincing the Big Ten to resume its season.

After the Big Ten announced that it had postponed its 2020 season, Fields started a petition to convince commissioners Warren to reconsider his decision.

Some media reports speculated that Fields would transfer from Ohio State if the Big Ten insisted on sticking to its verdict.

Fortunately for Buckeye fans, the Power 5 conference reversed its resolution. The team will play an eight-game schedule before finding out whether any team from the Big Ten conference will be eligible to qualify for the College Football Playoffs.

Even though Ohio State lost many of its starters to the NFL during this year's draft, analysts believe that the team will still be competitive with Fields at the quarterback position. The Heisman Trophy finalist has claimed that he is looking forward to his second season playing for Ohio State, and he could have the last laugh in his ongoing feud with Georgia fans.