The 2019 Fiesta Bowl may be over but fans of Ohio State Buckeyes are still outraged at officials for two controversial calls made on the December 28 game. The first divisive call happened in the second quarter’s 04:47 mark. Buckeyes' defensive back Shaun Wade got removed for a targeting violation. This was after he made contact with Clemson' quarterback Trevor Lawrence’s helmet during a third-down sack. Because of their movements, Wade’s helmet made an impact on Lawrence’s lid.

The second decision happened when a supposed touchdown for Ohio State got struck down the scoreboard.

Buckeyes' defensive back Jordan Fuller was able to scoop and score the touchdown after Clemson wideout Justyn Ross’ fumbled.

The officials later on decided that the touchdown was invalid. According to the replay officials, Ross did not even have full control of the ball at the time. Ohio State coach Ryan Day questioned both decisions. There is no confirmation as to how the complaints were addressed by the officials.

As expected, Twitter exploded over the controversial calls.

Marcus Spears, who serves as a college football analyst for ESPN, was part of those who criticized the decision. The SEC Network host has become increasingly vocal about the NCAA’s laser focus on targeting during the off-season. It is becoming clearer that people want the NCAA to have clearer guidelines on targeting.

Who is to blame for the controversial 2019 Fiesta Bowl decision?

At the moment, it looks like part of the blame lies in the hands of the replay official.

Fox Sports commentator Joel Klatt said that the two disputed calls completely altered Ohio State’s momentum throughout the game. He also shared Spears’ assessment that there was a lack of consistency when it comes to the value that replay brings to the table.

It was also pointed out that the same team working for the Fiesta Bowl is the one that messed up several calls in last month’s Iron Bowl. During that competition, the Auburn Tigers surprising win over the Alabama Crimson Tide was also the talk of the town.

Gene Smith expresses disappointment

Several former football players and college athletics personalities have voiced their opinions about the decisions.

Gene Smith, who is the Athletic Director for Ohio State University, expressed concern about the officials’ calls. A winner of the prestigious James J. Corbett Memorial Award, Smith may likely assist the Buckeyes in demanding an explanation from the league office.

Clemson's stunning victory

Despite the controversial officiating, there is no denying that both the Tigers and the Buckeyes put up a good fight. In what is being hailed as the best game in the bowl season so far, the Clemson Tigers was able to defeat the Ohio State Buckeyes 29-23. With the help of quarterback Trevor Lawrence, the Tigers were able to recover from the stumbles in the first and second quarters of the game. They will be facing LSU on Monday, January 13, for the national championship.