Ashley Martson and Jay Smith break up could turn ugly in the next few weeks. According to US Weekly, the two reality stars recently agreed to go their separate ways after Ashley insisted that she couldn’t forgive Jay for cheating on her. The Jamaican reality star has kept a low profile ever since Ashley announced the news about their divorce, and some fans have suspected that he is not happy with his wife’s decision. In her latest Instagram post, Ashley revealed that Jay had refused to give up the password to her home’s security system.

Ashley reveals that her ex-husband has been spying on her

The American reality star shared a video of herself dancing frantically on Instagram. Ashley explained that she had recorded the video because Jay had refused to give up his access to the home security system in her home. Ashley told fans that her 22-year-old ex-husband had used his email account to set up the system, but he had refused to hand over his access to the security cameras after their break up. Jay’s behavior pushed Ashley into recording the crazy dancing video. The “90 Day Fiancé” star felt that her Jamaican ex-husband was spying on her, and she wanted to send him a message.

Jay and Ashley have had problems ever since they tied the knot

90 Day Fiancé” viewers had mixed reactions to Ashley’s video. A section of fans claimed that the American reality star’s actions were immature. However, Ashley’s supporters pointed out that Jay should have handed over his password to his wife’s home security system after their break up.

Ashley and Jay tied the knot after the sixth season of “90 Day Fiancé,” but their marriage turned tumultuous after Jay got involved in a cheating scandal. Fans were shocked after a woman reached out to Ashley and confessed to having an affair with Jay.

The woman insisted that she had no idea that Jay was married, and she apologized to Ashley for the incident.

After receiving the news, Ashley filed for a divorce, but she had to involve ICE officers after Jay refused to leave her house. The Jamaican reality star was on the verge of deportation before he worked things out with Ashley.

Fans now feel that history could be repeating itself after Ashley revealed that Jay had refused to give up the password to her security system. The American reality star told her Instagram followers that she had already ordered a new system. Given their history together, fans have speculated that Ashley and Jay will be involved in a messy divorce. “90 Day Fiancé” viewers will have to follow the two reality stars on social media to get updates on what could be a protracted breakup. It will be interesting to see whether Jay convinces Ashley to take him back.