Ashley Martson has always tried to make her marriage to Jay Smith work out. Fans had their first encounter with the couple during the sixth season of “90 Day Fiancé.” Jay and Ashley tied the knot in 2018 after they appeared in the popular reality show. However, their three-year marriage has been full of twists and turns, which has left many fans frustrated. In the course of their relationship, Jay has admitted to cheating on Ashley on more than one occasion, but the two reality stars always find a way to work things out. However, in her recent Instagram post, Ashley declared that she was ready to put her tumultuous relationship behind her.

Ashley is ready to put her rocky marriage with Jay behind her

Confirming her break up with Jay, Ashley posted a lengthy message on Instagram explaining her decision. The American reality star claimed that, despite her attempts to fight for her marriage, things did not work out between her and Jay, and her decision to break up with him had been embarrassing and painful. She thanked the fans who had chosen to offer their messages of support, but she also acknowledged that a section of “90 Day Fiancé” viewers had criticized her for giving Jay too many chances even though he had cheated on her. Ashley claimed that the fans were frustrated because she had ignored many red flags that had come up during her marriage.

To conclude her Instagram post, the 34-year-old reality star stated that she would put her past with Jay behind her and find someone better for her future.

Jay’s past transgressions led to his recent split with Ashley

Jay and Ashley’s recent break up has not surprised “90 Day Fiancé” viewers. Ever since the couple tied the knot, Jay has struggled to remain faithful to his wife.

In 2019, the two reality stars were on the verge of a divorce after Ashley learned that her 22-year-old husband had cheated on her. Ashley confronted Jay’s alleged mistress, and she found out that her husband had lied about his marital status before he had sex with her. Despite her attempts to get over the incident, Ashley has admitted that Jay’s past transgressions were too severe for her to completely forgive him.

The American reality star has insisted that she will not change her mind over her decision to move on from her marriage to Jay. Ashley has told fans that the 22-year-old reality star has been faithful for the past few months, but the trust between them is still broken. It is worth noting that Jay has not commented on the news about their break up. “90 Day Fiancé” fans hope that the 34-year-old reality star sticks to her decision and moves on from her often-stressful marriage. Stay tuned for more news and updates on reality shows.