Last month, the Big Ten conference shocked many observers when it announced that it had canceled all sporting activities in 2020. The decision elicited mixed reactions from the 14 teams in the conference. The Nebraska football team was the first college to express its disappointment with the decision, and the team’s head coach, Scott Frost, hinted that he would consider playing other teams outside the Big Ten conference. While Coach Frost has toned down on his criticism, his players have taken up the challenge, and they could be involved in a protracted court battle against the Big Ten conference.

Huskers’ players win the first round in court

Eight Nebraska college football players recently filed a court case challenging the Big Ten’s decision to cancel its season. The players alleged that the Power 5 conference had failed to adhere to its established rules and procedures when it arrived at its verdict to postpone the 2020 season. The Husker football athletes have sued the Big Ten for wrongful interference with their sporting expectations, as well as breach of contract. In what appeared to be their first win in the lawsuit, the Lancaster County District Court recently ordered the Big Ten to produce more information and documents about their decision to cancel the season by 12th September.

President Trump urges Big Ten to resume its season

Many football analysts now feel that the Huskers’ players could overturn the Big Ten’s pronouncement. In addition to the court case filed by the eight players, President Donald Trump recently reached out with the Big Ten’s commissioner, Kevin Warren, to discuss the chances of holding a season in the fall.

In a recent Twitter post, President Trump expressed optimism that the Big Ten conference would reconsider its decision and restart its season by November. With the added political pressure, it appears that the Huskers’ players stand a good chance of winning their legal battle against the Big Ten.

While Nebraska fans are optimistic that the players will mount a successful legal challenge, the school’s administration has remained silent on the issue.

Coach Frost had earlier claimed that he would explore all avenues to make sure that his players played football in 2020. However, he has not openly come out to support his player’s decision to take on the Big Ten. Following the court’s decision to put pressure on the Power 5 conference, it will be interesting to see whether Coach Frost congratulates his players for their first legal triumph. Some fans have speculated that the Husker’s head coach could have secretly encouraged his players to challenge the Big Ten conference in court. As things stand, Commissioner Warren is under pressure to revisit his earlier pronouncement.