"90 Day Fiancé" reality show couple, Annie and David Toborowsky, always update their fans on what's going on in their lives. David posted a video on his Instagram where he and his wife were reminding their fans of the "Pillow Talk" show that was going to air on TLC, Monday. In the video, David joked about not knowing what Annie was going to say and Annie said she always said good things and loves everybody. David went on in his caption to explain to fans what times the shows aired, "1. 8pm B90 Strikes Back 2. 9pm Otherway 3.

10pm Pillow Talk"

David and Annie visit the doctor

David posted a photo of himself, his wife, and two medical personnel. He said that they had a therapeutic massage and a facial. The reality couple also had their COVID rapid test and both tests came out negative. David said in his caption, "Couples that spa together, stay together."

One fan said that she loved them but they should promote wearing masks and social distancing. David said they already do and another fan replied to the comment saying that David was holding his mask in the photo.

One of his fans asked him why they weren't wearing a face mask in the photo. David replied to the comment, saying that they had a rapid test. The fan replied to David saying that he already knew but "what about the other 2 ppl in the photo and your exposure to them after the tests??" He ended by saying he was just looking out for the reality couple because he cared about them.

Another fan said that the couple was a good example and that "you should never judge a couple because of their ages." The fan said that the "90 Day Fiancé" couple was cute together and she wished them many more years together. David replied to the comment, "Awww ty, Diane."

Annie posted a funny video of her friend pig

Annie posted a video of her friend's pig, Mister Bacon, where she was feeding him.

She asked her fans if they would like to see the pet on "Pillow Talk." A lot of fans commented that they would love to see the pig on the show. Some of them joked that they would love to see it alive and Annie said she wasn't going to eat it.

She posted a photo of herself, her dog, and her pig. She was sitting on the floor with their food and petting the dog.

Annie Toborowsky posts a beautiful photo of herself

Annie posted an image of herself for her Instagram followers. She wore a beautiful blacktop and brown trousers. She looked very happy in the photo and said in her caption that she enjoyed her afternoon.

What do you think of Annie and Toborowsky? Do you think Mister Bacon should be on the "Pillow Talk" show? Do you think the couple should have worn a face mask? Are you surprised that the two of them are still together?