Annie Suwan and her husband, David Toborowsky, are a romantic success story for the "90 Day Fiance" franchise. After making their first appearance on "90 Day Fianc'" season five, the couple has starred in "90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After" and this season’s "Pillow Talk." Annie’s sense of humor, and David’s loyalty to his wife, has made them popular with many fans. Recently, the couple celebrated David’s birthday, and Annie posted a heartwarming message on her Instagram page.

Annie's message to David

In the post, Annie shared a picture of her and David at a restaurant and captioned it, “Me, and my sweet potato at the dinner for his 25 birthday.

Love you my King.” Many of Annie’s followers were pleased to see the post, and they wished David a Happy Birthday. The fans also praised Annie for supporting her man and sticking with him through their difficult times. Fans are thrilled over Annie's new picture and message to David. It's worth noting that when the couple made their first appearance on "90 Day Fiance," fans did not think that their relationship would last.

At the time, David was going through a lot emotionally and financially. The American reality star had traveled to Thailand to escape his troubles and restart his life. It was during his time in the Asian country that he met Annie, and he has stated that it was love at first sight.

Annie, on her part, was a bit skeptical of David but she liked his sense of humor. David did not hesitate to ask Annie out, and the Thai reality star agreed to go on a date with him. In a recent interview, David revealed that it only took him ten days to propose to Annie.

Even though they got along, David and Annie still had to overcome several obstacles in their relationship.

David’s financial problems made it difficult for him to support Annie, and he initially had to depend on some of his friends for assistance. The couple’s 24-year age difference also had fans unsure whether their relationship would work out. Despite the seemingly insurmountable odds, David and Annie worked through their issues and decided to get married.

Dowry to Annie's family

For the dowry, David had to pay Annie’s family an amount close to $15,000, two water buffalos, and an estimated $6,000 worth of gold. Despite his financial difficulties, the American reality star managed to borrow the money from one of his friends, and he and Annie later moved to the United States. Since then, the couple has slowly rebuilt their lives, and they are now financially stable. Fans have felt privileged to watch the couple’s story unfold before their eyes, and the two are now among the most popular reality star couples on TLC. Stay tuned or more news and updates on "90 Day Fiance."