Jenelle Evans the former "Teen Mom 2" star is once again publicly defending her husband David Eason. This time Jenelle is explaining the cheating rumors that began circulating after a photo of Eason and another woman recently surfaced on Instagram.

According to In Touch, Jenelle Evans claims that the photo of David with another woman is an old picture. Fans began questioning Jenelle about the photo on Monday during Jenelle's Instagram Q&A. The photo was posted on BrittWalker_19's private Instagram account but was posted publicly on the for those who do not pay to subscribe to Evan's exclusive Jenelle's World account.

Jenelle Evans slams 'old photo' of David Eason and 'obsessed fan'

In typical Jenelle fashion, the former Teen Mom began excessively explaining Eason's actions once again. Evans claims that her husband David has 'never cheated' on her. She also claims that the woman in the photo with Eason is an "obsessed fan" that David had met when they were separated.

“[She’s] an obsessed fan that posted an old pic with David [from] when we were separated. She has posted it before but deleted it. Why is she posting again? Have no idea. Weird.”

David Eason has 'never cheated' claims Jenelle Evans

It did not stop with the simple explanation, Jenelle Evans went on to slam the 'obsessed fan' by revealing that the same woman has also been seen with Amber Portwood's ex Andrew Glennon and that she also hit on her ex Nathan before David.

Not quite able to deny that David Eason and the woman, who's name is Britt Walker had some sort of a fling, Jenelle quickly added “Again, I was SEPARATED when David did his own thing,” she wrote. “And [I didn’t care because] I DID MY OWN THING, TOO. … Duh.”

Was that a dig at David? Could be, Jenelle Evans and David Eason are well known for turbulent relationship.

The couple has been on and off for years. As previously reported by Blasting News in January of this year Jenelle decided to drop the restraining order against Eason and give their marriage another chance following their very public split.

It doesn't count if they were separated...right?

However, while they were separated in 2019, Evans had been reportedly linked to two other men herself, Travis Tidwell and Herbert Wilkinson.

But during that time Jenelle denied that she was dating anyone until David Eason's former fling resurfaced.

While it may seem that Jenelle Evans claims she has no problems with David's past fling, and that she and David are living happily ever after, well, for this week the couple's personal issues with each other are far from in the past.

Just last month Jenelle and David once again split for a day or so following a violent confrontation which resulted in David Eason's arrest for assault with a deadly weapon. During that time Jenelle Evans once again proclaimed that it was time for her to move on.

And...once again Jenelle Evans and David Eason reunited. This is the Teen Mom drama that never ends. Now here is something that can't be blamed on 2020, Jenelle Evans and David Eason's crazy monthly relationship drama.