"One Tree Hill" Instagram fans are bursting with excitement on Instagram over former cast member Joy Bethany Lenz's latest post. Fans across the globe are keeping their fingers crossed that Lenz's post is hinting at a "One Tree Hill" reboot or reunion.

On Wednesday the OTH alum dropped a photo of a lit-up high school hallway with a row of very familiar-looking Tree Hill High blue lockers. Joy Lenz went on to caption the photo teasing her followers about having some exciting 'back-to-school' news soon and using the #oth #ravens with cheerleader and basketball emojis.

Could Bethany return to the show?

Lenz's followers spotted the post immediately and began commenting and asking questions begging for more details hoping to find that their wishes of a series reboot/reunion could possibly be in the works. However, if Joy's post wasn't enough to set OTH fans' curiosity into overdrive, they really began speculating when both Hilarie Burton and Sophia Bush liked the photo.

'One Tree Hill' cast members Hilarie Burton and Sophia Bush chime in

Lenz then joked with her followers leaving another comment adding to fan speculation. It has been no big secret that "One Tree Hill" fans were heartbroken back in 2012 when the final episode of Season 9 aired ending their nine-year-long relationship with the gang.

This is not the first time since the final show that fans have gotten their hopes up for a reunion. As previously posted by Blasting News such rumors began circulating in 2017 about a "One Tree Hill" comeback movie, and again in 2018 after the shows frontrunner Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott)teased fans with some nostalgic photos.

Here are a few other clues fans believe could be pointing to a reboot/reunion. According to Your Tango.com actress Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer) also dyed her brunette-hair back to Peyton blonde just one day before Joy Lenz's (Hailey James Scott) mystery post. One final potential clue, Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis) also commented on Burton's photo "Hey P-Sawyer."

Could it be?

Can it happen? Well in 2020 we have learned thus far that anything is possible. However, there has been no official news and so far the OTH return talk is purely based on fan hope and speculation. That being said it would be a great time to reboot the show. These days reboots of beloved television shows are a gold mine. Look at the success that Netflix had with "Fuller House.

All in all, we could all use a little comfort these days, and a trip back to "One Tree Hill" would be just the right medicine for thousands of the shows' biggest fans to shake the COVID-19 quarantine funk.

One thing is for certain, we, and all "One Tree Hill" fans, will be keeping a close watch on Bethany Joy Lenz and all of our favorite OTH cast members Instagram awaiting the next piece of information. For those who would like to binge the series, Seasons 1-9 are currently airing now on Hulu.