It’s no secret that many high school football prospects have Ohio State at the top of their lists during the college recruiting cycle. The Buckeyes are one of the most popular programs in the country, and the team’s focus on excellence and tradition has enabled it to cultivate a loyal fan base. While Ohio State’s rich history should be enough to lure any top prospect, the team’s partnership with Nike has increased its appeal to young players all over the United States.

Alternative jerseys concept

Nike is arguably the most popular sports brand in the world, and the company is always looking to innovate its designs to maintain its young customer base.

Ohio State’s partnership with Nike has raised some eyebrows since the team has always prided itself on upholding its deep-rooted traditions. Over the years, Nike has designed several alternative jerseys and helmets for the Buckeyes football team, and while most of the designs have been impressive, some fans have complained that alternative jerseys could erode the appeal of the team’s old jerseys.

However, former Ohio State coach, Urban Meyer, feels that the team’s partnership with Nike gives it an edge in the recruiting department. In a past interview, Meyer revealed that he would sometimes use the Buckeye’s alternative jerseys to convince young prospects to sign for the team. The retired head coach said that while he understood that fans value the team’s traditional look on the field, alternative jerseys are more attractive to young people, and many prospects want to look good when they get on the field.

Several players who have played for Ohio State in recent seasons have supported the sentiments that the team’s cool jerseys influenced their decision during their recruiting process. Former Buckeye’s cornerback Jeff Okudah has said that he paid attention to Ohio State’s uniforms when the team was recruiting him. “I would definitely say uniforms matter to a recruit.

With this day and age, social media, and all that, having different uniforms is a lure for recruits.”

Okudah's reaction on Buckeyes' black uniforms

Okudah added that he was impressed by the black uniforms that the Buckeyes worn during a game against Penn State in 2015. However, at the end of the day, the talented cornerback insisted that a player has to perform in the uniforms once he gets a chance to wear them.

Okudah did not disappoint during his time with the Buckeyes, and he was the third overall pick in this year’s NFL draft. Given the success that Ohio State has had during its partnership with Nike, the team is looking to continue the fruitful relationship. Nike recently launched a collection of alternative helmet designs for the upcoming season. Fans can log on to this site to get a look at the new designs.