ESPN commentator Kirk Herbstreit made a hot take on Tuesday, observing that Michigan’s dim recruitment strategy is a big weakness. Herbstreit said that Michigan has to continue recruiting top football talent if it wants to be more competitive in the upcoming seasons. He points to Ohio State’s recruiting prowess for a model that Michigan should emulate.

The former Ohio State quarterback also said that Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh did not meet his expectations. When Harbaugh got hired, he said that he was hopeful that the coach would be able to revitalize the Wolverines.

That has not been the case as Ohio State remained undefeated against Michigan.

He also warned Michigan that Ohio State is not the only problem it has. Based on this year’s schedule, the Wolverines have a tough journey ahead as it is set to face Wisconsin, Penn State, Michigan State, and Minnesota in consecutive games.

Ohio State-Michigan rivalry

The Michigan Wolverines and the Ohio State Buckeyes are locked in one of the most prominent rivalries in sports. They have had at least one game every year since 1918, making it one of college football’s longest-running ongoing rivalries.

While the rivalry already existed even before the 1970s, the competition between the two groups intensified when former Ohio State assistant Bo Schembechler became Michigan’s head coach.

During a 1969 game, Michigan delivered an upset 24-12 victory over Ohio State. This started the Ten-Year War, which defined much of the rivalry that we see now between the teams.

The competition between the Buckeyes and the Wolverines has become so famous that it has even crossed over to popular culture. In 2000, ESPN also called it the top rivalry in North American sports history.

Michigan Wolverines 2019 record

It is an understatement to say that the Michigan Wolverines did not have their best year. The Wolverines ended the season with a 9-4 (6-3 in Big Ten) record. This was a far cry from people’s expectations, especially since the team topped’s preseason Big Ten poll.

Michigan’s tragic 56-27 loss to Ohio State in November is perhaps one of the team’s biggest disappointments for 2019.

This is the second consecutive year that the Buckeyes recorded a massive score over the Tigers. It also puts head coach Jim Harbaugh’s record against Ohio State at 0-5.

Additionally, the Wolverines suffered defeat 35-16 under the hands of the Alabama Crimson Tide during the Citrus Bowl. The result was a bit expected because of Alabama’s sheer talent advantage. Because of these massive losses, the typical fevered public response to the team’s signing periods is remarkably missing. The Wolverines chose to remain silent amidst the ongoing discussions about the team’s future.