Cristina Rae came to her “America's Got Talent” audition with powerful dreams and her even more powerful voice. Like many of the other hopefuls, the single mom from Nashville had a lot riding on this first big step to her future, and that of her three-year-old son, Jeremiah.

The “America's Got Talent” auditions came long before the moving upheaval of protest in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. The June 9 broadcast fell on the same day as the home-going celebration and memorial in Houston for the man who could have never known that his life would spark a movement against police brutality and injustice.

Cristina Rae could never have known that America and the world would witness her audition on the same day as millions saw George Floyd laid to earthly rest, but the singer brought a song born for the moment, as reported on June 9 by Entertainment Tonight and other sources.

Her rendition would not only stir Heidi Klum and entire “America's Got Talent” audience, but also enable Cristina Rae to speak to this singular moment. Simon Cowell made a truly pivotal request.

It was a grand night for other ‘America's Got Talent’ performers before Cristina Rae

Before the judges even knew the first name of the flexible teenager, Emerald Gordon Wulf had literally twisted herself, and every part of her body, in directions never before seen atop a vanity table.

She turned her head backward and beneath her knees to grab the string of pearls with her mouth (and put them on) to close the memorable performance, and the judges were impressed, even though Sofia Vergara couldn't look most of the time.

America's Got Talent” got back to its “out-of-the-box” reputation with this roster of talent, and another teenager, Danieliya Tuleshova, was terrified of Simon, but still took on “Tears of Gold” by Faouzia with a soul-wrenching vengeance.

Danieliya already looks to be a “mini-me” of the Canadian Moroccan artist, beyond her vocals, so she may be set to go very deep in the competition.

Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel really loved the magical routine of the Demented Brothers, but the red-scarf through the ears routine escaped Simon Cowell, and Sofia Vergara had to be swayed by the audience, who were not entirely in for the duo cued only by an electronic voice instead of actual conversation.

Marty Ross was literally living his golden dream in his golden years. The 80-year-old comic took a while to get going, but his insightful, bawdy brand of humor won the crowd to his side. No one watching will ever say “peanut allergy” without a memory of Marty. He may be staying a while on “America's Got Talent,” too.

The vocal trio, Resound, it all the right notes in their moving arrangement of “What the World Needs Now,” which also seemed meant for the times. The simple, beautiful passion from the heart has a pulse that beats to every person.

There's no doubt that “brothers” in balance, Shakir and Rihan, took their inspiration from the triumph of V Unbeatable in the last “Champions” run of “America's Got Talent.” Their bond of complete trust was demonstrated in every spin of the younger partner like a pinwheel by his older cohort.

Every time, no matter how high, how fast, or how dangerous a spin or toss, the little boy landed in the elder’s arms. It was riveting to see the protectiveness as well as the precision in the performance, and Heidi Klum was not the only judge who noticed.

Simon Cowell displayed ‘America's Got Talent’ diversity appreciation training for Celina and Cristina Rae

Whether it was by editing or timing, Simon Cowell certainly reflected a more sensitive demeanor to contestants in this audition round. The British-born judge wasn't so forgiving to a barbershop quartet or to a folksy boy band, but from the moment that the singer, Celina, came onstage, Cowell seemed compelled by her story, in a way he might not have shown last season on “America's Got Talent.”

“Let's hear your story..” Simon Cowell asked before the 30-year-old launched into Shawn Mendes’ “Mercy,” making it straight from the heart.

Celina was buoyed by the love of her father, a musician, who insisted that she always stay true to herself. She explained: “I’ve had a lot of struggles because of the way I look.” “I think you look great,” Cowell complimented before adding that “I've got a good feeling about you, Celina.”

In light of recent actions filed by Season 14 judge, Gabrielle Union, who was given notes that her chosen hairstyle was “too black” and being subjected to constant cigarette-smoking by the boss, the sensitivity of the remarks is quite a turnabout. Let’s hope that “America's Got Talent” is truly making more inclusive changes and not simply editing to create a reformed image. In another scene, all of the judges are together on a couch in a cozy moment.

It still takes on the feeling of trying too hard.

After Celina’s four yeses to move her forward, Simon cautioned the singer to “never let a stylist touch you.” on experiences detailed by Julianne Hough and Union, such advice would've never previously been part of an “America's Got Talent” critique from Cowell. Perhaps the times are “a-changin.”

Before Cristina Rae came out to introduce herself, her son, Jeremiah, introduced himself quite unassumingly. Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and Howie Mandel all saw the sweetly precocious boy peering from the side stage. By the time his mother came out, the panel inquired if the boy was her own, and she reiterated that he was the main reason to propel her to this moment.

“I want a home, not just a house or a friend situation,” the singer related. “I want him to have his own room.” She went on to describe that she had been “living in my vehicle” and was homeless before the birth of Jeremiah. “I need this to change my life,” she unabashedly declared.

Launching into Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight,” it was obvious that Cristina Rae had the pipes to keep her singing for a long time, but Simon Cowell wanted her to prove more, to seize her “America's Got Talent” stage.

“Can I hear your second song as well?” he inquired after rousing applause from the audience. “Ohhh…” Terry Crews dismayed audibly. When Cowell asked: “Will you be okay with that?” Cristina Rae competently replied: “Yes.” She refused an offering of water, and everything in her future was on the brink.

Cristina Rae carries her destiny on a righteous wave to the golden buzzer

“I'm going to let this adrenaline carry me,” insisted Cristina Rae to Cowell. The judge asked her to imagine that this was “your encore moment.”

After taking just a breath of a pause, Cristina Rae’s lungs seemed to carry the wind of a storm as her stage presence became that of a giant on “Gimme Shelter.” The “ooh's” turned to roars for the singer as she warned the familiar “Children, it's just a shot away!” The echo of the familiar anthem seemed more sweeping than ever in the current tumult.

Cristina Rae clearly felt the consequence in every word, and never backed down for a second. Before her song, Heidi Klum had told her that “my heart is racing for you.” Well, after the song, Heidi had more to say and do

“Are you ready for this?” asked Heidi of Cristina Rae.

“Yes,” responded the mother, likely thinking she meant the rounds to come. “Are you ready for this?” the supermodel asked again pointing directly at the golden buzzer, before pressing the golden buzzer, sending Cristina Rae on to the live shows, along with a shower of golden confetti.

Heidi Klum came onstage for a meaningful hug-- mom to mom. She also presented Jeremiah with a keepsake box of golden confetti, which he tossed like any three-year-old. Simon Cowell came backstage to congratulate Cristina Rae, praising “you're one of the best singers we've ever had.”

America's Got Talent” loves to take on the mantle of being more than other talent TV Shows and this was another of the competition’s transforming moments. Life will be different for Cristina Rae and her son now, and hopefully, the culture change in America will transfer to the show, both behind and in front of the cameras.