Tom Brooks and Darcey Silva finally ended their relationship in the recently concluded season of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days." The couple grew apart after their long-distance relationship failed, and fans felt that it was best if the two reality stars parted ways. While the break up eventually happened, it was not pretty. The couple made a scene when they met up in New York and ended their relationship. During their breakup episode, Tom and Darcey tried to talk through their issues, but they were unable to overcome their differences. Darcey stormed off after Tom asked her if she had put on weight.

Darcey and Tom's relation on '90 Day Fiancé'

Many fans felt that Tom had been insensitive for making the cruel comment. The British reality star later admitted that he had not treated Darcey with the respect that she deserved. He decided to travel to Darcey’s home and apologize to her. However, she did not accept his apology. Tom had written a letter for Darcey, but she did not accept it.When he tried to give it to her, Darcey told him to get lost and slammed the door to his face. Tom placed the letter on Darcey’s car windshield, but her sister, Stacey, came out of the house and tore it up.

After Darcey refused to accept his apology, Tom admitted that his relationship with her was unsalvageable.

Despite the ugly ending to their relationship, fans have been curious to find out the contents of the letter that Tom had written to Darcey. In a recent Instagram post, Tom mocked Darcey for refusing to accept the letter. The British reality star posted a picture that showed him dressed in a red jacket and a black t-shirt and holding on to a pair of reading glasses.

Tom appeared to be squinting his eyes at something, and he hilariously captioned the picture by writing, “Me trying to read the letter I wrote to Darcey at the finale of the tell-all. Do you want to know what it said?”

Fans response

Tom’s followers had some hilarious responses to the post. One fan said that Tom had asked for his key back in the letter, while another suggested that the letter contained a list of women that Tom had flirted with.

Some "90 Day Fiancé" viewers have speculated that Tom used the letter as an excuse to get more screen time on the show. Even though fans have accused Tom of being cruel towards Darcey, one cast member recently came to his defense. In a past interview, Varya Malina said that Tom was a good person and that he always looked out for his fellow "90 Day Fiancé" cast members. It will be fascinating to see if Darcey and Tom will get along in the remaining Tell All episode. Let us know what yu think about Tom and Darcey's relationship. Stay tuned for news and updates on "90 Day Fiancé."