The current season of "90 Day Fiancé" premiered this month, and some of the couples on the show are already having problems. The spinoff series follows American citizens who immigrate to foreign countries to be with their spouses. For Brittany, the cultural shock of immigrating to Jordan appears to be too much for her to handle. The 26-year-old American decided to move to the Muslim country to be with Yazan, her 24-year-old boyfriend. However, the couple did not get along when they first met in person, and Brittany appears to have already broken up with Yazan.

Brittany takes on Yazan

In a bizarre Instagram post, Brittany told fans that she did not like Yazan. The American reality star accused her boyfriend of cheating on her and said that he tried to change her beliefs. After fans saw the Instagram post, they concluded that the couple had already broken up. However, Brittany quickly deleted the controversial post explaining that her Instagram account had been hacked.

Fans, however, did not believe Brittany’s excuse since she didn’t explain why her account had been targeted. Instead, "90 Day Fiancé" viewers believe that Brittany was trying to protect herself from the legal consequences of revealing her relationship status. The American reality star could face legal action from TLC for violating her non-disclosure agreement.

Before couples appear on the "90 Day Fiancé" series, they have to sign an agreement that limits the amount of information, about their lives, that they can divulge to fans while TLC is airing the popular reality show.

After her Instagram mishap, Brittany risked being fired by TLC if the network deemed that she violated her non-disclosure agreement.

Although she deleted the post, fans are already convinced that her relationship with Yazan will not be successful. In last Monday’s episode, the couple had a huge disagreement at the airport. Yazan was not happy when Brittany decided to hug the TLC crew members after she arrived in Jordan. She also had alcohol in her luggage, and Yazan said that he felt that she did not respect his Muslim culture.

He also accused her of intentionally trying to make his family angry at him even though he had gone against their wishes and decided to date her.

Brittany did not like Yazan

On her part, Brittany told producers that she did not like how Yazan had reacted to her actions. She said that she respected Muslim traditions but insisted that she did not intend to convert her religion. After seeing how Yazan had reacted to the alcohol she bought, Brittany said that she was second-guessing her decision to immigrate to Jordan. Viewers will have to tune in to next Monday’s episode to find out if the couple can overcome their huge cultural differences.