Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, and Sofia Vergara walked out and took their seats at the “America's Got Talent” judges table, but one beloved smile was missing from June 16’s broadcast. As confirmed by Yahoo on June 16, Heidi Klum left the set of AGT before the start of the March 10 of what would become the Week 4 of auditions.

It was still the early stages of the precautions and sheltering-in-place under the coronavirus pandemic, as noted by host Terry Crews in a pre-premiere feature for Season 15 of “America's Got Talent.” When a sore throat and a very high fever came over the supermodel and mom, Simon Cowell and the entire production team in the competition urged that Klum get tested and take care of herself and her family.

Even for a global superstar, getting a test in March was no small task, so Heidi had to wait to get real, reassuring results.

In the tradition of talent TV Shows, the show did go on, and it seemed like Simon Cowell let his heart grow three extra sizes through the night of eclectic and inspiring acts, who were “all in” for the right reasons. Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara were equally moved. Before the first act, Sofia sweetly uttered “Poor Heidi.” The good news for viewers and everyone involved is that Heidi Klum and her Tokio Hotel guitarist husband, Tom Kaulitz are now tested and free of COVID-19.

America's Got Talent” will take on a different look to its millions of viewers, as the production had to halt performances with its massive 3000+ audience as coronavirus conditions became more severe.

Nonetheless, Simon Cowell and his cohorts were moved by the exuberance and authenticity of the talent like never before this week, and they had the gestures to prove it.

It wasn't long before Simon Cowell was taken with the W.A.F.F.L.E Crew

No one could help but feel good after dancing wonder, Noah Epps opened the show by becoming a “real boy” who is a super-dancer in his Pinocchio-themed routine.

Everyone was taken by not only his super-flexibility but even more by his contagious spirit. “I loved the way you told a story,” Simon Cowell praised. Look for now are to have something wonderful in store for the next several rounds.

The young men who make up the W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew (their take on “We Are Family for Life Entertainment”) started going to dance clubs whenever they could in their rough neighborhoods of New York.

There, they not only bonded but learned a craft in the art of dance that captured their spirits. Their innovative moves were soon making them meaningful money on the subways, enough to “help mom pay the bills,” as one member described. Most importantly, they all stayed alive. The ensemble recounted their own stories of losing special friends in their lives to gun violence. “We have to dance because they can't,” affirmed the group.

Simon Cowell had a beaming smile long before the troupe took any dance steps, and seemed especially fond of their pledge to “bring it home to our city” if they were blessed with AGT success. Heidi Klum was around for this joyful audition that delighted the whole panel.

In just seconds, the infectious energy and exuberance of the W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew captured the entire audience. The group made towering statues of their bodies, then leaped on top and over them. Purpose and practice were in every move-- this was their moment and they took it. Caps and shoes became dance partners, too, and cartwheels and somersaults in succession closed the routine.

Simon Cowell was on his feet long before the routine closed and the other judges joined him. The often snarky judge covered his mouth in awe of the spirit and determination on display. “This is, I think, my favorite audition so far,” Cowell declared. “And I want to give you a head start,” he continued, pressing the golden buzzer.

Tears of wonder and disbelief overtook most of the dancers, who could hardly comprehend the moment.

When asked about his decision, Simon Cowell said that the performance exemplified “talent, determination, and everything I've ever wanted in this competition.” That is tough praise to top, but more emotion was to come.

Simon Cowell saw that Nolan Neal was no washed-up singer

Nolan Neal was on the brink of attaining his Nashville music stardom at 26 before a call came from his father. His father told Nolan that he was going to take his life. “You can't do that-- I can help you,” replied the son, but the next morning, he heard that his father had died by suicide. Howie Mandel and Simon Cowell were as stunned as the audience by the story, and for Sofia Vergara, it had a deeper meaning.

The tragedy and the aftermath sent Nolan Neal into a spiral of addiction and substance abuse, so much so that when he was signed to a record deal, he could not sing for the studio recording of his album. Neal revealed that much of his reason for coming to “America's Got Talent” was that he knew that Simon Cowell would tell him the truth. “If I'm just a washed-up singer, he'll tell me.”

Neal introduced his original song, “Lost,” as “the first song I wrote sober.” His heart and soul came barreling through every note, and Howie Mandel heard it all, as he reminded the singer-songwriter. Sofia Vergara was in tears as she offered her words. “I have family members who are struggling with addiction,” she related.

“This gives me a lot of hope.” Along with the yeses, Simon Cowell said that Nolan would be remembered.

A third try song from Ashley Marina made its way to the father's heart of Simon Cowell

The father of 12-year-old Ashley Marina raved about his daughter's work ethic and practice as she prepared for her “America's Got Talent” performance. Ashley just wanted to get her guinea pig, Cocoa, to reassure her. The crowd gave enthusiastic approval to her big notes on her opening song, but Simon Cowell put his hand up, signaling he wanted to hear something else.

He requested that she start in on her second song, but he was equally displeased. “That backing track is swallowing you,” Cowell insisted. “I think you brought the wrong songs with you today.”

“I'm not sure what to do with you after that,” Simon dismayed.

Sofia Vergara inquired him about giving Ashley a second chance, which Simon Cowell has been persuaded to do in recent AGT seasons. He asks if Ashley can come back in the afternoon, and sing “your version of a guy’s song.”

Ashley did return in the afternoon, with a surprise for Simon Cowell. She wasn't satisfied with any possible “guy’s song,” and she decided to sing an original, written for her father. From the instant she launched into “You'll Always Be My Hero,” her dad’s eyes filled with tears. Better than the sentimental value, the song revealed the genuineness of the tween girl in a way that earlier songs had failed to do. There was not a single dry eye in the house by the last note. Fathers Howie and Simon both gushed that Ashley had given the best possible gift to her father, as he kissed her on the head.

In return, Ashley got standing ovations, and everyone realized that sometimes, Simon gets it right.

Simon, Sofia, and Howie capped the evening by each pulling a sword out of Brent Loudermilk's mouth. Too bad that Heidi Klum missed this one-- it would have been her favorite. Still, Simon Cowell and “America's Got Talent” are at their best in bighearted moments.