America's Got Talent” has reigned atop the ratings for summer TV Shows through 14 seasons, but the “out-of-the-box” talent competition confronts a never before-conceived battle in bringing Season 15 to small screens—the Coronavirus pandemic and its required safety conditions. Host Terry Crews has been credited with bringing fresh vigor and fun to the festivities, but even the “America's Got Talent” MC is “staying in and staying tight” at his home in Pasadena now.

Terry Crews flashed his usual beaming smile, during his May 25 virtual visit with Sheinelle Jones on the “3rd Hour of Today,” and his reasons for the joyous expression went far beyond the excitement for tomorrow night’s “America's Got Talent” Season 15 premiere.

His wife, Rebecca, has emerged courageously and cleared from a breast cancer battle that began on the brink of the coronavirus crisis, and as they say in show business, “the show must go on,” and this season, fans will see it all happen.

‘America's Got Talent’ host honors his wife’s courage to be double-safe

Terry Crews is used to injecting levity and heart into situations on his “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” stint and from the “America's Got Talent” stage, but he got deadly serious as he discussed his wife's breast cancer diagnosis. Rebecca did not officially receive the diagnosis until “two weeks before shutdown,” as her husband described.

Rebecca opted to be on the safe side in the long run. She chose to have a double mastectomy, even though the tests only indicated invasive cancer in one breast.

The surgery revealed that there was cancer in the second breast. “It was a total, life-saving move,” affirms Crews,” glowing with pride for his wife's courage. She was deemed to be Stage I at the time of surgery, and no one knows how many years she bought back from having the second breast removed. The family is celebrating life especially sweetly now that she is “100% cancer-free!” the hubby gushes.

He proudly assumed the title of "full-time nurse," attending to her needs and ensuring no illness happened to her while she was immunocompromised.

The coronavirus had a definite impact on ‘America's Got Talent’

“It was surreal,” Terry Crews explained of seeing the audience grow “smaller and smaller” as the coronavirus “went from a rumor to deadly” in very short order.

America's Got Talent” feeds off the energy of the very boisterous crowd, often countering the judges with their cheers for approval or their arms folded into X’s.

Terry Crews often gets very invested with some favorite acts. The flautist and funnyman poured out his heart last season, reflecting how he saw himself as a youth in the inspiring voices of the Detroit Youth Choir. He gave the uplifting chorus his golden buzzer, joyfully breaking down into tears when the singers in the shower of gold confetti.

The host describes the strange phenomenon of seeing the audience “grow smaller and smaller,” and Crews says that Season 15 viewers will “see it all.”

Simon Cowell appeared earlier this week in a segment for Extra, revealing that his new diet had helped him shed 60 pounds.

He also talked about judging one entire episode from his pajamas, self-quarantined style. It's not certain that anyone is ready for that.

Sofia Vergara is sure to add spice to the judges' table. The outspoken Colombian-American star of “Modern Family” may find another TV family on “America's Got Talent.” She and longtime favorite, Heidi Klum, take care of the international flair for the competition. It has already been leaked that Sofia doesn't care for the ukulele.

The competition had another scare from Heidi Klum during auditions on March 10, as reported by ET Canada. The “America's Got Talent” judge and supermodel was stricken with a very high fever and sore throat. The AGT production team was concerned that the malady might be coronavirus.

Getting tested proved to be a dilemma, even for the world-recognized celebrity, but she ultimately tested negative.

Howie Mandel is indeed the smartest person on ‘America's Got Talent’

Howie for President” is a real campaign around the set of “America's Got Talent.” Howie Mandel has been an unabashed germaphobe for as long as any friend or viewer can imagine. He doesn't hide his disdain for any type of bodily fluid or direct touch from another human being, and as it turned out, he was the one best prepared to take on the pandemic.

“He came to work in a full hazmat suit one day,” Terry Crews declares. The comic was probably well-stocked with disinfecting wipes and solutions throughout the competition.

Mandel was doing fist-pumps and elbow greetings long before they became the mainstay for the masses, so it's no wonder that he’s earning loads of respect from colleagues now.

A hazmat suit can get pretty hot in a few hours, and Terry Crews took some heat of his own for not standing up for Gabrielle Union in her claims of a “toxic environment” on AGT last season. That situation really comes down to the two of them.

Terry Crews tries to roll with the punches, from cancer, to coronavirus, or to his “America's Got Talent” duties, even while being done from home. Season 15 will be more challenging and unique than any in past memory, and perhaps better because of the adversity. Simply carrying on can create a champion.