Amanda Bynes debuted her new leg tattoo on Thursday after photographers spotted the former Nickelodeon star strolling down a Los Angeles street smoking a cigarette. One that stuck out was the new tattoo running down the "What a Girl Wants" star's left calf. The tattoo reads "See you on the other side" and is written in jet black ink and cursive lettering.

Normally one would not find themselves too concerned over a celebrity's newest tattoo, however, fans of Amanda Bynes are unsure just how to interrupt the new ink considering the star's troublesome past.

According to In Touch, there could be a couple of meanings behind the leg ink. First, off they believe it could have something to do with the Apollo 8 space mission words spoken by Commander James Lovell before the ship disappeared behind the moon.

Amanda Bynes moving on from Paul Michael relationship

Secondly, they believe Bynes being a music lover took the phrase from Ozzy Osbournes 1995 hit song. However, Bynes is a hard person to read and throughout her past, she has become well known for sending out cryptic messages to her fans to determine her moods. Past cryptic messages from Amanda, one in particular and her most controversial invited Drake to sleep with her.

It was during that time that Amanda began a shocking and public downward spiral with her mental health combined with her use of drugs and alcohol, sent her completely out of control, and placed in a psychiatric evaluation hold.

Clean and sober, Amanda Bynes on the road to recovery

While once again it has been a rough year for Amanda, who as previously reported announced on Valentines' Day that she was engaged to Paul Michael. The couple then posted via social media that they were expecting a baby. Two months later Bynes' lawyer announced that Amanda was not pregnant.

He went on to reveal that Amanda was sheltering in a place in a safe location and that any reports concerning stating that she had suffered a relapse with drugs or alcohol were false. He did reveal that Amanda was seeking treatment for ongoing mental health issues and requested privacy for his client this announcement was in May.

Amanda Bynes has remained silent and pretty much avoiding her social media platforms. Her last Instagram post came on May 23 revealing to fans that she was "doing well."

There was no mention of Paul Michael or their relationship status. Hopefully, Amanda Bynes' "See you on the other side" tattoo means she is well, and moving on past her relationship with Michael, or perhaps in her conservatorship battle with her parents. Before the coronavirus hit us all and turned our worlds upside down Amanda had revealed she was going to take charge of her own life and was fully capable and prepared to battle her parents in court to do so.

Amanda Bynes' next move

Since COVID-19 most court dates have been pushed way back on the calendar.

At this time it is not known whether Amanda Bynes'court dates have been postponed, or if Amanda is going to continue on with her conservatorship battle this year. However, with Amanda Bynes, it is hard to tell. We wish her the best and hopes for a complete recovery and better 2020 all around.