The "90 Day Fiancé" reality star, Darcey Silva, recently shared an image of herself, on Instagram. She wore an off-shoulder white dress with beautiful gold earrings. The reality star's hair seemed to have been cut a little shorter. She said, in the caption, that she was a strong mother and that loving life was important. She tagged her daughters, Aniko and Aspen.

The last time the "90 Day Fiancé" reality star aired on the show she was with her ex-boyfriend, Tom Brooks. Tom and Darcey had broken up before but came on the show to see if they could settle things and maybe get back together.

But when the duo got on the show, Tom had some bitter truths to tell Darcey. Tom told Darcey that he had fallen in love with another woman, who he had posted on his Instagram before he and Darcey decided to settle.

He said that Darcey was partly the reason for their breakup because she always compared him to her ex, Jesse Meester. The two of them were about parting ways when Tom asked Darcey if she had gained some weight. Darcey told TLC camera that their relationship was completely over after she stormed out the restaurant. And Tom said there was no chance for reconciliation. Darcey also said that "90 Day Fiancé" viewers were going to hear more of her voice and less crying as she dumped Tom.

The moment empowered her.

Fans seemed to enjoy seeing the reality star say in her caption that she is a 'strong' mom. Darcey seems to have completely moved past the event that happened on the show when she broke up with Tom. She's now focused on herself, her daughters and her business.

Tom Brooks says he is pig-headed

Darcey's ex has also completely moved past the event.

He's been taking nice photoshoots of himself lately, for his followers. He recently posted a black and white photo of himself smoking. In his caption, he explained how he did everything in his life the way he wanted and never listened to anyone, because he was "pig-headed."

Fellow cast members, Michael Jessen and Syngin Colchester commented on Tom's post.

Michael commented, "Oh wow man... great photo!!" Syngin posted a person raising two hands in the air emoji. One of Tom's fans said that he looked like an evil comic book character and Tom replied to the comment with laughing emojis.

Tom Brooks thanks everyone for support

The "90 Day Fiancé" cast posted photos of himself happy and celebrating with lots of people and taking photos. He said, in his caption, that you didn't have to be charming to be a fan among fans. He thanked everyone for supporting him in his journey, saying that without them he was nothing.

What do you think of Darcey Silva? What do you think of Tom Brooks? Do you think Darcey is a strong mom? Do you think Tom was being confident at the Tell-All? What do you think of the relationship Darcey and Tom had?