Rosemarie Vega teased that she has projects outside "90 Day Fiance" coming. She just announced she will partner with an American company for these ventures. "90 Day Fiance" just recently finished the latest Before the 90 Days season. Rosemarie Vega is determined to leverage her fame for more opportunities.

In an Instagram post, she posted that she wanted to make use of her platform in a more meaningful way. She then attached a publicity material as the picture, which puts “Inspiring Women” under her name. According to her, she linked up with the still-unnamed American company to “help others.” Based on her post, it looked like she wanted to be able to help people while also earning money for her family.

It is not yet known as to what project Rosemarie is referring to. She will likely reveal more details about it in the next few weeks.

Rosemarie Vega confirms she is bisexual

Rosemarie Vega got involved in another shocker during the Tell-All episode. This was after she came out as bisexual. She also admitted that she previously dated another woman named Ejhay. She was in a relationship with Ejhay after she broke up with Big Ed. When Rosemarie came out, Ed said that he did not mind that she was bisexual. He, however, said that his former girlfriend never told him that she liked other women too.

Ed Brown accuses Rosemarie of wanting to get back with him

Ed Brown also had his own explosive scene during the "Before the 90 Days" Tell-All.

According to him, Rosemarie Vega got in touch with him after breaking up with her girlfriend. He alleged that when Rosemarie broke up with Ejhay, she attempted to become his girlfriend again. However, Rosemarie denied this during their interview. In fact, she said that she wanted nothing to do with the professional photographer.

Big Ed then pulled up some pictures that she reportedly sent her during this period. In the pictures, it can be seen that Rosemarie was trying to be cute.

Fans shocked about pay gap

Meanwhile, fans of "90 Day Fiance" felt surprised after knowing that there was a huge pay gap between Ed Brown and Rosemarie Vega. They thought that both "Before the 90 Days" stars should have gotten the same amount of money.

The outrage started after a Twitter user began a thread on how Rosemarie might not have been paid for her appearance. There were previous reports that the foreign partners of American cast members do not receive payments due to potential work visa issues.

There is also a possibility that the show gave Big Ed was given the option to share some of his salary with Rosemarie. This would make sense after Rosemarie uploaded a video attacking Ed for not giving her even a penny. So far, Ed Brown has not issued any statement yet with regard to this controversy. It is likely that he will issue his reaction about it on his Instagram soon. Meanwhile, according to EOnline, "90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?" currently airing on Sundays, 8 p.m. on TLC. Stay tuned for more news and updates.