Already, the legions of “When Calls the Heart” fans are feeling the withdrawal pains from Season 7 ending on April 26. At the same time, the faithful are rejoicing because the most beloved series on the Hallmark Channel has already gotten assurance of Season 8, as Erin Krakow exuberantly announced during the finale.

The only anxiety-raising issues involve wondering which way Elizabeth Thornton will ultimately will be led to steering her heart in the coming season. Leading lady Krakow is not about to crack open any hints about her character’s future in this early.

No Season 8 scripts are even in progress at the moment. For now, she and her “When Calls the Heart” castmates are sure about their future, but not sure when their new season will be rolling with production under the ongoing impact of the coronavirus crisis.

Many “When Calls the Heart” viewers never get enough of Pascale Hutton and Kavan Smith together as Rosemary and Leland Coulter. Fortunately, the immensely gifted actors who bring life to Hope Valley’s most devoted and spirited example of lasting love were gracious enough to do a virtual interview with Diedre Behar of Entertainment Tonight on May 4. Despite having their hands full with homeschooling, beard shaving, parenting and preparing for a new season, Pascale and Kavan were as warm, friendly, and funny as ever during their conversation shared from self-isolation.

‘When Calls the Heart’ stars see definite benefits from this unusual time

It took no time at all for Kavan Smith to reveal that he and Pascale Hutton had already spoken to each other about the blessing from this unprecedented, sheltering time shared with humanity crossed the globe. “I'm not much like Lee Coulter,” Smith told Behar, “but in that respect, I am” the actor reflected about savoring this time with his sons, ages 9 and 12.

“They’re gonna leave home fairly soon,” the father realizes, reflecting on feeling very grateful for this “giant, compressed vacation” with his children. Little Jack's guardian dad on “When Calls the Heart” comes by his tender side naturally.

Anyone who enjoyed the beautiful sight (and marvelous dramatic effects) of Pascale Hutton snuggling for storytime with her boys, ages 4 and 9, senses how she thrives on motherhood to her core.

Still, the woman always ready to take on anything in her “When Calls the Heart” role admits that “homeschooling is no joke,” with Smith agreeing.

A month into quarantine, Hutton declares that “I think I found my groove,” in lesson planning for her brood. The Gemini Award-winning actress offered several photos of her “hands-on” learning environment and leaped into her role as educator with the same zeal as Rosemary running Founder’s Day on “When Calls the Heart.” Pascale Hutton has delighted in seeing the brotherly bonds deepen between her sons in this time when “they only have each other.” While the eldest son had some concerns that mama wasn't an accredited teacher, the youngest openly announced: “I love corona,” celebrating the togetherness that has been a natural outgrowth of sheltering-in-place.

Dinner dates, postponed birthday celebrations, and police protection are part of ‘When Calls the Heart’ sheltered life

Kavan Smith is famously known for his culinary skills on the set of “When Calls the Heart,” and the star even wrote the story for his Hallmark movie, “Love on the Menu.” He insists that there's been “too much cooking” at his home, while Pascale Hutton loves being in the kitchen and doesn't mind the many hats she wears at home.

Twice a week, the homebound star and his wife take time for homemade romantic dinners just for the two of them. Smith admits that he gives in on video games for those occasions, so the boys are happy in that win-win concession. “She's much more gregarious and outgoing than me,” Smith describes, so having an occasion probably means a great deal.

Another person providing a great public service is Pascale Hutton's husband, who is now a police officer and truly among the frontline heroes protecting the world. Behar and Smith offered thanks. Pascale doesn't mind taking the load of the education and their children's lives at home so he can serve and protect. The family cherishes time together and has recently discovered that newfound passion for doing puzzles. They started with one given as a Christmas present years ago, and the “When Calls the Heart” star has more ordered and on the way.

“We've been together 20 years, and we had never done a puzzle!” she confesses. Her example is just one more among the simple pleasures and blessings of quarantined life.

Pascale Hutton let it slip that her “When Calls the Heart” screen partner has a birthday coming soon, and she revealed the exact number to be celebrated, too, much to Smith’s playful disparagement.

An entire birthday celebration was being planned for Hawaii, which of course has become another thing “on hold” at present. Families were invited, and “Erin (Krakow) was going to fly in,” according to Hutton. Absence can indeed make the heart grow fonder, and maybe celebration can be even bigger after the “When Calls the Heart” Season 8 is wrapped.

Goodbye beard, hello nanny jokes and more 'When Calls the Heart’ love

Pascale Hutton let out a beautiful laugh when Kavan Smith quipped that he was her family nanny who “lived down in the basement.” The exchange was just one indicator of the natural friendship, rapport, and real intuition between the co-stars.

Another revelation that made his “When Calls the Heart” on-air wife fill with glee was his story of how a beard trim became a full shave. Kavan Smith was just going to get his facial hair a little more presentable, at his wife's urging, instead of trimming a bit, the setting he chose on his “grater” took a whole swath of the beard, so it all had to go.

Pascale and the “Hearties” can forgive that faux pas. After all, it only makes the star one more step ready to resume his “When Calls the Heart” on-screen life.

Fans are certainly pulling for Rosemary and Lee to come to fulfillment and contentment on the subject of children and family on their favorite of all TV Shows. Now that a full season of storytelling lies ahead, that storyline should be able to take its course.

If Diedre Behar gets her wish, “When Calls the Heart” fans may soon enjoy a virtual portrayal from their favorites in the Northwest Territory saga, and that would be an extra sweet treat from quarantine.