When Calls the Heart” faithful were already glued to their sofa cushions on Sunday, April 26, for the Season 7 finale, “Don’t Go,” and the blissful sight of Erin Krakow urging everyone to stay tuned truly made the night magical. “Hearties” all remember how the leading lady delivered the bright bulletin for Seasons 6 and 7 of the centerpiece Hallmark Channel drama after Season 5’s shocking grief and the cast tumult amid the college admissions scandal. Seeing the beautiful brunette with the beaming smile was just as much of a blessing this time, for very different reasons, considering the fate of TV Shows under the current global situation.

Erin Krakow was brighter than a sunflower in vibrant yellow, and even though the showrunners stretched her news into three parts, her news in the final 3 minutes brought “When Calls the Heart” fans all the warm, sunny joy they could handle, just knowing that Season 8 is on the way, as confirmed by Krakow, Chris McNally, and Kevin McGarry with Entertainment Tonight on April 26, and by other entertainment outlets. Once again, the storytellers and the leading lady are leaving fans sure about Season 8, but wondering about Elizabeth Thornton’s heart choices.

‘When Calls the Heart’ set to live long on love in Season 8

With her show of eight fingers, Erin Krakow seemed as exuberant as any “Heartie” over the news of another coming season for “When Calls the Heart.” Of course, she, like her other castmates on the drama, is still in quarantine prompted by the coronavirus crisis.

During the ET interview, she, Chris, and Kevin all expressed the uncertainty of when shooting would specifically start.

Normally by the end of summer, “When Calls the Heart” is in full swing with production in Vancouver. Now, Erin Krakow and all the cast take it “day by day, as we get more information from production.” The current global pandemic has put “safety as the key,” as Krakow insists.

She and McGarry have taken their own interests in music, she with karaoke, and Kevin with learning piano, while Chris McNally is pursuing his foodie passions from the ground up, cultivating his garden.

Once again, Chris McNally pulled out all the stops as Lucas Bouchard in the finale. He offered that he and Elizabeth should “celebrate the good things when they happen,” and the saloon owner crafted the most romantic “pretend” date possible for “When Calls the Heart.”

The library was bathed in candlelight, and Lucas framed every move with “if this were a date,” including “holding your gaze for longer than normal” and “brushing your hand as I give you the glass” of champagne.

Both actors were perfect, and the scene was divinely intimate and exquisite without any hint of forward overtures. Lucas expresses his heart in every sense, and Elizabeth receives the attention as “very sweet.”

Criminal matters mean the Constable can't get an answer on ‘When Calls the Heart’

Kevin McGarry teased that Chris McNally had created a fire hazard with the scene, and McNally never denied it. McGarry's Constable Nathan Grant finally managed to offer a dinner date of his own to Elizabeth, but she could not give an answer. In the interim, a deadly situation arose with the transfer of the criminal, Elias (Edward Ruttle) for trial. The mysterious woman who had been tracking the suspect since he was in the train station in “New Possibilities turns out to be his sister, Jenny (Paloma Kwiatkowski), who is determined to free her brother at any cost.

Bill (Jack Wagner) insists that Elias must be transferred immediately, instead of the next day, which throws Nathan a little off-kilter. Jenny pulls her rifle on the entourage en route, and Nathan and Bill try to negotiate her cooperation, noting reduced prison time.

Nonetheless, a gunshot rings out, and Fiona (Kayla Wallace) knows only that “someone's been shot.” Elizabeth stands paralyzed as she peers into the wagon, waiting to see the victim, while word comes that Elias escaped. Nathan walks from behind, apparently unharmed, and Elizabeth rushes to his arms with a forceful embrace, as Lucas looks on. This “When Calls the Heart” ending may rival Season 6’s “Lucas got the dance but Nathan got the glance” stir on social media.

Deidre Behar has already dubbed the Season 7 slogan as “Nathan got the hug and Lucas got the shrug.” Erin Krakow prefers: “Nathan got the embrace and Lucas has the puppy face.”

Either way, the “When Calls the Heart” star declares that both of her on-screen suitors are “awesome guys” who she is glad to have as friends. She is also glad to have had the time to truly get to know the leading men, both during quarantine and during the last two seasons. Kevin McGarry confirms the genuine friendship among the cast and Chris McNally is constantly “grateful” to have his job and go into his third season in the uncertain world of an actor. Millions of fans are glad for all they do during their 16-hour days on set and above and beyond their roles.

So much more to love on ‘When Calls the Heart’

Beyond the enthralling romance and suspense of this season’s “When Calls the Heart” finale, there is a cauldron of love, courage, and empathy all through “Don't Go.” Lee (Kavan Smith) is leery about his sister, Susannah’s (Shauna Johannessen) visit to Hope Valley, made with very little notice and no opportunity for conversation-- only a telegram.

After a rather icy reception from his sister, Pascale Hutton is once again captivating as Rosemary. She pays her own call to Susannah at the hotel and lovingly intercedes for the man she knows so well. She interjects that “it's time to let it go” regarding all the hurts of the past. “You've already lost one brother, do you want to lose another one?” the wife implores.

Susannah and Lee say their peace in the car, and by the time the sister leaves the next day, the first planks in the bridge to healing are firm. Lee and Rosemary plan a visit to see Susannah and her family on their way to California, and Lee tells his sister to prepare her children “for the best aunt in the world!” This seeds of children and family for “when calls the Heart’s” most devoted and giving couple are glorious and hopefully will grow to something ready for harvest in “When Calls the Heart” Season 8.

Fiona fans don't need to worry about the wonder woman of the telephone leaving Hope Valley, either. In a wonderful moment with Dr. Shepherd (Paul Greene), Fiona relates how she was transferred from her job by Mr.

Nichols, and how he told her she was “dispensable.” Swiftly, Carson Shepherd reminded her that she was neither “a small cog” or dispensable. She decides to call Mr. Nichols and let him know how he made her feel. She ends up getting fired, but she's firmly planted in Hope Valley. Something wonderful is bound to happen for this sparky lady in her future, and fans want to be around to enjoy it.

The future is not looking so good for Henry Gowen (Martin Cummins). He collapses at breakfast one morning at the café. Carson warns him about exhaustion, and the reformed businessman on “When Calls the Heart” is consumed with his oil business going under. Lucas has been paying the employees out of his own pocket, but even the successful saloon owner who sometimes wins a hand or two at cards can't keep that up.

He makes an offer to become the majority partner, but Henry refuses. Later, Henry returns, saying he will only sell if Lucas buys him out “lock, stock, and barrel.” Lucas does, despite admitting “I don't know the least thing about the oil business.”

Lucas, Elizabeth, Nathan, and all of Hope Valley’s residents will keep learning their lessons in life and love on “When Calls the Heart” and fans will love every minute, no matter when the season starts. Like Kevin McGarry, they are also glad that no one got a fatal shot.