When Calls the Heart,” like every major broadcast series in the roster of TV Shows, is waiting for the word to know when production can resume in a safe and healthy manner under the necessary guidelines precipitated by the tragic surge and loss of the coronavirus pandemic. The isolated and uncertain times have kept the drama’s cast under social distancing, but that doesn't mean that anyone among the gracious and gifted cast or crew feels alone.

As Kevin McGarry, Chris McNally, and Erin Krakow shared during a zoom conversation with Deidre Behar of Entertainment Tonight, the “When Calls the Heart” co-stars keep in regular contact, via talk or text through cyberspace.

Many of the castmates shared new hobbies and long-held pastimes that have been keeping them busy.

Chris McNally is developing his gardening skills, which perfectly complements the actor’s taste in fine food and drink, much like his character, Lucas Bouchard. Kevin McGarry is learning to play piano, and a duet with Paul Greene, an accomplished singer-songwriter, would work well between the men who play Constable Nathan Grant and Dr. Carson Shepherd. Erin Krakow admitted that she was in search of a perfect karaoke song. These creative and culinary skills should blend marvelously when the time comes for the “When Calls the Heart” family to reunite.

With so much idle time that was never expected, some “Hearties” are enthralled with speculation over the Season 7 cliffhanger and its closing embrace.

Good-natured guessing is all in good fun, but just like her character in the classroom, Erin Krakow promotes unity, friendship, and acceptance, and she wants her followers to take on the same Hope Valley spirit, as she encouraged in a May 23 social media post.

This “When Calls the Heart” leading lady won't take sides

Countless “When Calls the Heart” faithful make sure to never miss a second of the Sunday night centerpiece drama of the Hallmark Channel.

“Hearties” in other time zones and hemispheres have to wait on different schedules for episodes to be available. Seeing that Season 7 was the most-watched season ever per ratings, as reported in ShowbizCheatSheet two weeks ago, it's no wonder why the social media chatter is buzzing.

For her part, Erin Krakow has elegantly straddled Elizabeth’s romantic fence.

When asked before the start of Season 7 whether she was #TeamNathan or #TeamLucas, the lovely and talented brunette would only describe the many positive traits that both characters share, and what fine options both could make for the single mother, devoted teacher, and author.

Apparently, some fans may not be demonstrating the kind of support and acceptance that is a true hallmark of Hope Valley. The “When Calls the Heart” actress cautioned in a single, rather lengthily hashtag #TeamPleasePlayNiceBecauseYourPassionOccasionallyLooksLikeCattiness.

Krakow opened her post by saying that she was #TeamChris and #TeamKevin and #TeamLucas and #TeamNathan. She punctuated her magnanimous point by adding a sweet photo of herself sandwiched between both her leading men and their smiles were warm as toast.

It's safe to say that the trio is a “When Calls the Heart” mutual admiration society.

Just for clarification, to be catty means “to be hurtful of another person's remarks, or spiteful.” There's no need for petty concerns to ever take over the unity and kindred love of fans for the drama that they clearly love. There is also room in Hope Valley for every eligible person to find love. No one needs to go packing.

Only the writers know the turns on ‘When Calls the Heart’

Since no one, including Erin Krakow or the other actors on “When Calls the Heart” have entry into the secret rooms of the writers, where the masterful surprises, sweeping love, and sincere faith are all spun together, no one has a better guess than anyone else about Season 8.

As an executive producer, Krakow does have input in guiding the direction of her character, but certainly not the total say. The International Business Times related some of the fans’ thoughts for Elizabeth’s path in Season 8 in a May 25 piece. No one can top the “When Calls the Heart” storytellers, though, just ask co-creator, Brian Bird. As sure as everyone will be rejoicing when allowed back on set, odds are certain that no script secrets will slip out.

Happiness delayed is no less wonderful on ‘When Calls the Heart’

During his own zoom visit with Deidre Behar and co-star, Pascale Hutton, Kavan Smith resisted choosing between either Lucas Bouchard or Nathan Grant, because he has such regard for both Chris McNally and Kevin McGarry.

“I don't wanna lose either of them,” Smith insisted, saying how the new stars had “brightened up” the entire production.

One thing that Kavan and Pascale are completely unanimous on is that their characters will become parents in the new season. Lee and Rosemary Coulter have cultivated their own surging and desperately loyal fan base through the years of their spirited devotion and humor. Season 8 has to be the season when their dream of a family becomes real. Pascale yearns to see Rosemary pregnant, and Kavan prefers adoption, which could make a nice “When Calls the Heart” crossover with “When Hope Calls”

Daniel Lissing, who was the “When Calls the Heart” protector and the love of Elizabeth’s life as Mountie Jack, recently announced the delay of his own nuptials in Bali.

Erin Krakow might consider a wedding invitation next year as the perfect reason for an extended tropical vacation. At the moment, however, everyone is longing to get back to work, and do what they are passionate about doing. Fans can't wait to see more love and passion, either, but please, keep it kind.