Oscar-winning actor, Kevin Spacey, who is best known for his amazing portrayal of the villainous ‘Frank Underwood’ on Netflix's hit political drama ‘House Of Cards,’ recently appeared on a podcast and candidly opened up about his acting career following the MeToo scandal. This is the first time that the actor has publicly talked about the MeToo movement since Netflix fired him from ‘House Of Cards.’ Spacey said that he can totally relate to those people who have lost their jobs as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. He cited being ousted by Netflix from ‘House Of Cards’ as the primary reason behind understanding the feelings of those who have been laid off.

The 60-year-old controversial veteran actor recently made an appearance on a podcast called ‘Bits & Pretzels’ for a lengthy interview regarding his life after the MeToo movement. The interview began with Spacey confessing that he is not the type of person who likes to comfort people by trying to relate to other people's experiences. He believes that this kind of attitude somewhat undermines what the other person must be suffering. However, in the case of COVID-19, Spacey says that he completely understands how it feels when someone's entire life comes to a screeching halt.

Kevin Spacey's life and career after sexual misconduct accusations

Spacey says that he empathizes with those individuals who have suddenly been told that they can't come to work anymore or that they might be getting fired over a crisis that they can't fix in any way.

The ‘American Beauty’ star had claimed on the ‘Bits & Pretzels’ podcast that when his acting career abruptly ended due to numerous sexual assault allegations, he had to relentlessly ask himself that who is he, if not an actor. During the recent interview, Spacey recalled the agonizing journey that he went through when his life and career turned upside down after a string of misconduct allegations surfaced on the internet.

According to Spacey himself, his world had entirely changed around the fall of 2017. He further added that almost everything that he had worked hard to achieve went away in just a few hours.

In July of 2019, charges of sexual harassment against the Golden Globe-winning actor, involving an 18-year-old male, were dropped by the police authorities in the state of Massachusetts.

Then, about four months later, in October, Spacey successfully settled a sexual misconduct lawsuit against him that was filed by a massage therapist, who had died in early 2019. The actor's attorney settled the lawsuit with the therapist's son, whose identity hasn't been revealed due to legal reasons. The therapist, who filed the lawsuit under the name of John Doe, had alleged that Spacey harassed him while he was giving him a usual massage session in Malibu around three years ago. According to the accuser, Spacey had even tried to fondle his private parts. Kevin's most controversial moment came when he was accused of assault by Ari Behn, the ex-husband of Norway's Princess Martha Louise. Behn said that Kevin had groped him in 2007.

The celebrated Norwegian author ended up committing suicide at the age of 47 in December of 2019.

People who accused Kevin Spacey of harassment during MeToo

The very first accusation of sexual harassment against Kevin arrived on October 29, 2017, when Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp revealed to Buzzfeed News that Kevin had sexually harassed him in 1986 when he was barely 14 years old. This incident took place at Kevin's apartment located in New York City. Upon hearing about the allegations, Kevin immediately issued a statement apologizing to Anthony Rapp. In that same apology statement, Kevin publicly announced that he is gay. Many believed that the actor made this announcement to distract people from the actual issue of sexual assault.

The second victim of Kevin's inappropriate behavior, Roberto Cavazos, came forward on October 30, 2017. Cavazos, a mildly popular Mexican actor, said in a Facebook post that Kevin forced himself on him while the two were working at the Old Vic theater in London. Kevin worked as the artistic director there. The Mexican actor concluded his post by saying that those who worked at the Old Vic theatre with Kevin know that a lot more people are going to accuse Kevin of sexual harassment. And, he was right because more than a dozen men accused Kevin Spacey of making unwanted sexual advances towards them, USA Today reported.