A man from Wyoming warned the community of Casper last week about the imminent arrivals of aliens. According to him, he had traveled back in time from the year 2048 to warn the people today. Authorities in Casper said that the man, whose name Bryant Johnson called them on Monday night and said that he was from the future. The authorities said that Johnson was visibly drunk when they arrived at his house. Johnson did not reveal the exact date or time of the alien’s invasion and refused to speak with doctors or nurses. Instead, he asked to meet “the president” of the town.

Johnson was arrested by cops and taken to detention center

According to the police, Johnson got arrested for public intoxication and his out-of-this-world message. The laboratory result of the man came back with an alcohol level of .136 percent in his blood. After testing positive for public intoxication, Johnson was taken to the Natrona County Detention Center but was later released with no further incident.

Johnson admitted that he was drunk and said that there is a reason for his intoxication. According to him, the aliens filled his body with alcohol so that he could travel through time. Furthermore, the man said that his original destination was the year 2018 and not this year. He said that a “giant pad” mistakenly transported him on this year instead of 2018.

By next year, he said that aliens will arrive and dominate our earth.

The local authorities described Johnson as a drunk man with “watery bloodshot eyes” and with slightly slurred speech. “The aliens are coming next year and we needed to make sure to leave as fast as possible,” Johnson repeatedly said.

Others who predicted that aliens will visit the Earth

Bryant Johnson is not the first one who prophesied the arrival of aliens on Earth. A blind mystic woman named Baba Vanga has predicted that aliens will arrive on Earth by the year 2130. According to her, the aliens will come to help us live under the sea before the Earth is eventually destroyed.

Baba Vanga is also the person who predicted the fall of twin tower and the birth of ISIS.

The famous Nostradamus also predicted that there will be an Alien Invasion in 2017. Nostradamus is famous for his accurate predictions, which have for centuries amazed people. Many of his predictions have come to pass. As time goes by, mankind discovers a new understanding of the previously described phrases by the prophet.