Sheinelle Jones has helped millions of “Today” viewers start their day with a smile since 2014. She shares snippets from her off-camera life, too, as Sheinelle Jones balances being a busy working mom with spending quality time as a family with her husband, Uche Ojeh, and their children, Dayin and twins, Clara and Uche, and simultaneously keeping the energy and conversation lively on “Today.”

Speaking of conversation, last week Sheinelle Jones divulged that she would be absent from the table at “3rd Hour of Today” and the typically lively banter between her, Al Roker, Craig Melvin, and whoever drops in to take the place of Dylan Dreyer, finishing up her maternity leave with her second baby boy, Oliver George, “Ollie,” born in January, for awhile.

Jones confirmed that a vocal cord polyp which had been problematic from years earlier for the broadcaster had come back, and this time, surgery was the prescribed solution.

Her “Today” family packed all kinds of necessities for Sheinelle Jones before sending her off last Friday. Sheinelle knew that the hardest part of recovery for her would be the first two weeks of absolute silence. Al Roker and her entire crew at “Today” have been sending word that Sheinelle is “on the mend” as they did this morning.

For her part, Sheinelle Jones didn’t wait long to let millions of caring fans know that their prayers and concern were fully felt, per a “Today” February 24, feature. The words she offered were not spoken, but purely from the heart.

Sheinelle Jones awoke with a smile and tears of joy

A broad smile is the first thing that greets followers in the Instagram post from Sheinelle Jones. Even surrounded by all the monitors and other medical gear, she gives a “Hi, everybody” and the assurance that “I am okay,” to all her well-wishers.

Blame it on the anesthesia, but the cheery morning host broke her “no talking” instruction even before she was fully awake.

“Apparently, I emerged out of anesthesia ‘talking,’” she writes. Sheinelle Jones recalls a male voice telling her to “please stop talking.” She did not realize that she was already past the need for her breathing tube-- no need to tell the staff not to use it. When your voice is your vocation, the necessity to talk is automatic.

In post-recovery, Sheinelle Jones touchingly related “crying through my oxygen mask.” A nurse rushed over with pen and paper to allow her patient to express her need, but “nothing was wrong,” Jones continued, “It was just a release.”

Savoring the sensation of being ‘wrapped’ in prayer is special for Sheinelle Jones

Sheinelle Jones confessed that confronting the reality and the urgent need for the surgery had been “a long time coming.” The veteran broadcaster who still loves the moves she had as a cheerleader in Kansas revealed last week that she had been doing vocal therapy sessions twice a week for quite some time, along with home exercises to maintain her voice. A “Today” producer suggested Jones first see a specialist about the issue.

Another youthful recollection entered Sheinelle’s mind as those tears came. She recalled her mother, explaining that when worshipers shed tears in church, it meant they were “moved’ or “rejoicing.” Sheinelle Jones felt like “I was wrapped in prayer” and she felt the power of “so many well wishes and prayers.”

Sheinelle Jones has described the difference in the day for her and her husband since they began a daily time in prayer together, usually only a few minutes. What started as a personal pledge has provided a refreshing strength and perspective for the family.

Sheinelle’s daughter, Clara, has the gift of communication, just like her mom. She frequently writes notes, using a very precise description, left on her mother's pillow.

The last one that Sheinelle Jones shared was a protest over her twin brother’s obsession with Minecraft.

This mommy is very glad to have kept her promise that “Mommy will be just fine,” to her family. Sheinelle Jones reports being “thankful to be awake,” although she knows that “Now, the work begins to heal.”

Friends will return the favor to Sheinelle Jones

After two weeks of complete silence, Sheinelle Jones will still be away from her “Today” station for about four more weeks. Thankfully, she has a “3rd Hour of Today” whiteboard and sets of markers from our Al Roker, an assortment of teas from Willie Geist, coloring pencils and books from Maria Shriver, a journal and pen from Craig Melvin, and best of all, some cozy cloud pajamas from Dylan Dreyer.

When Dylan Dreyer was struggling with baby Ollie just a few weeks back, Sheinelle Jones shifted an assignment to come to the frazzled mommy’s rescue. The value of a true friend, another mama who’s been in the same battle, and simply another set of arms, cannot be underestimated. Sheinelle also gave “Today” family member, Maria Shriver, a heartfelt gift during a “3rd Hour Today” stay. The on-air family will surely devote some off-air hours to Sheinelle and the family through her recovery.

The sacrifice of a few silent weeks won’t keep Sheinelle Jones down. Her voice will equal the vibrancy of her spirit again in no time, and her “Today” seat is ready and waiting. This team goes beyond typical loyalty in TV Shows, they are there for each other through thick and thin, through the loud or the silence in life.