Ed “Big Ed” Brown and Rosemarie Vega have been among the stand out couples on the fourth season of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days." Fans have followed Big Ed’s journey to the Philippines with interest. The couple’s age difference has been a huge talking point among fans, with many feeling uncomfortable about their 31-year age gap. Notably, Big Ed hinted that the couple might broke-up after the show's completion.

Big Ed and Rose's relationship

However, in a recent interview, Big Ed revealed that Rosemarie did not care about their age difference.

The 54-year-old was a guest on the Night Time Show podcast where he talked about his relationship with Rosemarie. Big Ed revealed that when they started dating, he tried to explain to his 23-year-old girlfriend that their age difference was not ideal. The American reality star told Rosemarie that he would rather just be her friend, but the Filipino reality star did not agree with his perspective. She acknowledged that Big Ed was even older than her father, but said that was not a reason to stop them from loving each other. According to Big Ed, Rosemarie encouraged him to pursue her by insisting that age was just a number.

Rosemarie’s carefree attitude attracted Big Ed, and he eventually traveled to the Philippines to meet her in person.

The American reality star admitted that his daughter and his ex-wife were not happy with his decision to appear on "90 Day Fiancé" with Rosemarie. Although they have mended their relationship, Big Ed fell out with his daughter immediately after he informed her that he would participate in the popular TLC series. Now, with only a few episodes remaining before the end of the season, things between Big Ed and Rosemarie have unraveled, and their future together looks to be in doubt.

Rosemarie abandoned Big Ed

During last Sunday’s episode, the couple got into a fight after Rosemarie abandoned Big Ed at their hotel. The 23-year-old was not happy because Big Ed was still planning on having a vasectomy. Rosemarie said that she was considering her relationship with her American boyfriend since she wanted to have kids in the future.

Even though the couple may break up by the end of the season, Big Ed appears to be grateful for his time on the show. The 54-year-old has received some negative comments about his appearance, but he has said that he is used to the hurtful insults about his neck and short body.

Big Ed has stayed positive despite the hurtful remarks from some fans, and he has said that he understands that people react negatively to things that they cannot understand. “I was teased about my neck since I was five years old. People aren’t comfortable when they see something that’s not normal. But, you can also be different and embrace that, and not let it define who you are.” Stay tuned for more news and updates on "90 Day Fiance."