Dylan Dreyer had to feel how welcome her smile and spirit were to her “3rd Hour of Today” cohorts as this morning's segment began. Even more than her professional family, her millions of followers who have missed her spunk and hometown girl attitude, not to mention her hands-on lessons in meteorology, had to be lifting whatever beverage they could find at home. Wearing her bright pink, it was a pleasant Monday, May 4, just to see Dylan Dreyer back on “Today” after her extended maternity leave.

Dylan Dreyer didn't mind a morning toast at all

Due to the coronavirus crisis, of course, Dylan Dreyer could only be broadcast remotely from her New York apartment.

Al Roker also remains stationed in his family New York digs. Presently, Craig Melvin is the sole co-host in Studio 1A on the “3rd Hour of Today, with Sheinelle Jones still coming from South Carolina.

No one needs to worry that the “Today” family can’t add a dash of a party to a morning, albeit in these worrisome days. Craig Melvin noted that December 19 was the last day that all four of the morning show favorites were all together on the same segment. It's no wonder why Dylan was just fine with reaching for the glass of bubbly that was just off-camera for a welcome back toast.

Dylan Dreyer clearly had something a little more lively in her glass when she commented: “So that's why this is sitting here!” The returning mom declared that she was doing “better now” after her first sip.

Sheinelle, Craig, and Al savored different beverages.

The expectant mom inadvertently gave the news of her pregnancy away to Craig Melvin when she didn't imbibe in any alcohol at his party last spring. The entire “Today” crew celebrated the joyful news of Dylan's second pregnancy with her husband, Brian Fichera, after the couple's struggle with secondary infertility.

Every update has been a delight for her co-workers and fans alike, but Dylan Dreyer feels ready and grateful to be back at work, even during these “special” circumstances. A few months on the calendar have made lifetimes of difference.

The coronavirus truly came home for Dylan Dreyer and her family

Dylan Dreyer is a meticulous planner, even down to her Thanksgiving meal preparations, and she and Brian were very prepared and thrilled to welcome Oliver George to the family in January.

Dylan doesn't put on any pretense about the difficulties of mothering a newborn. When the sleepless mom seemed to be at a desperate point, Sheinelle Jones shifted a story assignment and came to her rescue, spending a day with her and the baby Ollie. Jones just returned a few weeks ago following her vocal cord surgery.

Big brother, Calvin, 3, had some brief adjustment issues, but not a moment when he didn't adore his baby brother. No one could prepare for when Brian contracted the COVID-19 virus, but now, Dylan Dreyer counts her blessings from the other side.

Brian, a studio technician, self-isolated Calvin's room, while Dylan and both boys were sleeping with her, meaning no sleep for her.

“I wasn't the best wife in those days,” confesses Dryer in her May 2 talk with her “Weekend Today” crew.

“I'm doing the best that I can! I'm doing this all alone! “ Dylan Dreyer recalls repeating during her husband's recovery. Fortunately, Brian Fichera takes the prize as most patient spouse along with his professional skills. When his wife would say: “I can't feed you now because I've got the boys to feed” he was willing to wait his turn.

Fortunately, Brian's health has taken a turn, much for the better, and the family has found blessing though this time of sheltering in place. In a recent feature for People, Dylan Dreyer urged parents to forgive themselves and “just do the best you can” because nobody has ever lived through this unique situation, so perfection is impossible.

The work commute is much nicer for Dylan Dreyer now

Dylan admits that in the throes of her husband’s illness, things were “really scary.” This morning, Dreyer reports that “Brian's pretty good, too,” after describing how nice it is to have her boys in the next room and took broadcast “from my living room” as she told Kristen Welker.

Safe from any subway or cross-town transit, another broadcasting benefit for Dylan Dreyer coming back to “3rd Hour of Today” and “Weekend Today” is that she will have the best lighting in all of the news business. Her hubby knows all the best lighting tricks, and his strength is back, so he can hoist the camera for a perfect angle. The comforts of home don't reach the technical advancements common to most TV Shows, but Dylan’s shots will come close.

Admittedly, “Today” fans probably can't wait for the in-person, live on-air fun between Dylan Dreyer, Al Roker, and her other buddies over the silliest subjects, but all that can wait until everyone is safe and healthy.