The “Suits” actress Meghan Markle is back in Los Angeles with her husband Harry and son Archie. She and Harry are releasing a biography aptly named “Finding Freedom.” A synopsis on Amazon describes it as an “honest, up-close, and disarming portrait.” The book will release worldwide online on August 11, followed by the hard copy from August 20. Its publisher is Dey Street Books from the house of Harper Collins and it says the book is a collaboration between Meghan, Harry, and two journalists. Obviously, there will be a demand for the book because the fans would like to know more about life in the British royal family.

Both the ex-Royals are in their 30s and have the whole life ahead of them. They chose to come out of the royal mantle and attain financial independence. This book “Finding Freedom” could be a major step in that direction.

Daily Mail UK says the book will reveal many unknown aspects of the lives of Harry and Meghan. It will also try to dispel rumors and misconceptions surrounding the couple. The expectations are high for the 320-page biography. It will be loaded with enough material to make its way into becoming a global bestseller.

It will be a surprise from Meghan and Harry

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have always pined for freedom. Although they grew up in different surroundings, they wanted to live life on their terms. Meghan was an actor and had traveled extensively before she met Harry. He was a fighter pilot and had seen action in Afghanistan. After a brief romance, they married and in order to gain acceptance of the royal family, Meghan compromised.

She embraced a new lifestyle and garnered a huge fan following. Once she became a mother, Meghan and Harry decided to bring up their son Archie as a private citizen without the frills of the royalty. They are now in Los Angeles and have left behind the royal family. Archie will reap the benefits of a British father and an American mother.

The book “Finding Freedom” could provide a glimpse into an unknown world.

Daily Mail UK adds knowledgeable persons in the palace expect the biography to paint unseen pictures of the couple. It could also bring to the forefront strained relationship and the ultimate decision to part ways from the royal family. Before they left for North America, they gave an interview to the authors of the book. Both the authors are journalists and one of them is an ardent fan of Meghan.

Doria Ragland could move in with Meghan and Harry

According to The Sun UK, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have their eyes on a sprawling mansion and Doria Ragland could live with them. She is Meghan’s mother and has always been there to help. The property belongs to a film producer and the neighbors include Celebrities like Tom Hanks and Ben Affleck who are in the world of Movies. Meghan and Harry are keen to acquire a property keeping in mind the requirements of their son Archie. They also have plans for a “granny annexe” earmarked for Doria. The mansion overlooks the sea and has every conceivable amenity like a cinema, swimming pool, and garden. Archie will turn one this week and would be able to enjoy greenery all around him.

In view of the present situation of quarantine and lockdown associated with Covid-19, the couple would have to wait for the all-clear to occupy the mansion. It is obvious that they want to settle down in Los Angeles, the city of Hollywood, and movies.

Meghan and Harry are weighing their options

The pair left Britain and moved to Canada. After a brief stay there, they shifted to America and are now planning to settle down in Los Angeles. Meghan is from this city and is back to her roots with Prince Harry and Archie. After landing in the city, Meghan and Harry distributed food to the needy. They want to become financially independent. Hence, they would be weighing various options.