Marvel Studios may not be returning anytime soon. Blumhouse head Jason Blum believes the studio won't be able to return until sometime next year. However, he believes the smaller projects will be restarted first, which will get the bigger studios going for later on.

The world is in unfamiliar territory at the moment and Hollywood has pretty much come to a full halt on several big Movies and TV shows. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a part of the shutdown.

Marvel Studios is feeling the effects of the coronavirus

"Black Widow" was set to release this weekend.

However, the pandemic forced the release date to be pushed back. Production on several major Marvel shows have been stopped. Jason Blum believes it will be a while before everything gets back to normal.

According to the LA Times, Blum thinks small productions will start sooner. However, he doesn't think any of the big Marvel films or big expensive projects will start shooting until 2021. He says it's all dependent on when testing will be available in the U.S. as much as it is in other countries.

Marvel Studios had plenty of projects lined up to begin this year, but those could also be delayed to start until 2021. For now, we aren't sure if that is going to be the case. However, Jason Blum's statements seem pretty accurate.

Movie theaters are not planning on opening until mid-July, when "Mulan," and "Tenet" are released. Unfortunately, those films could be pushed back once more, if the studio still sees the coronavirus as a threat. Disney insiders believe they won't even open their theme parks until sometime in early 2021.

None of the massive film productions will return anytime soon

Fellow producer Roy Lee also believes that smaller projects will be able to be restarted earlier. Those with a small cast and crew and limited locations will be restarted first to get production moving again. However, there is no timeline for when that could happen.

For now, the film industry is looking for ways to keep working and stay healthy and safe at the same time.

This means the studio will very likely institute new health and safety protocols for when the industry gets back to work. The unfortunate delay of the Phase 4 films is actually good news for the upcoming Disney+ MCU shows. Instead of the studio rushing to make a deadline, each series has time to finish filming and post-production.

The potential for more delays still exists, meaning the planned MCU Phase 4 slate of films could be delayed even longer. While nobody has said if there would be a delay, there is a strong possibility of one, as the majority of the country is still stuck indoors. It's probably going to take some time before studios can get their production back up and running.