Kevin Spacey is the man who took Netflix to the heights of Premium Television provider and prouder. He is the man who made Netflix the hip and chic way to produce television. Everyone who is writing their next great novel is praying that it will get picked up by Netflix because the production will be fantastic. They want to have the kind of popularity that came rushing through the offices of the company when "house of cards" came online. They want to be in a position where someone as big as Kevin Spacey could give their TV show life, and now they have to watch Spacey get cut out of Netflix for all the right reasons.

The man who made Netflix big cannot be the one who topples their image.

Spacey has name recognition

We are all quite aware that many people would happily continue to watch "House of Cards" because they do not care what Spacey has been accused of. They want to separate what the man is capable of from what he has done on his own time. They are not willing to accept the fact that someone who seems to be this grotesque acts as a role model, and that role model has been accused of some very troubling things. Netflix could have left Spacey on the air hoping that they would continue to make money because of the show, but they knew that that would lead to greater and greater backlash.

They chose to release their image killer

Kevin Spacey could have killed the image of Netflix had he stayed with the company for another moment. This was a business decision for the firm that boils down to how many people will stop using their service. They know that a vast majority of people using their service would be disgusted if they were still supporting Spacey, and that would make it difficult for the company to have any sort of credibility in the future.

They could have been faced with murderers and rapists alike, and they would have had no moral high ground. Kevin Spacey is the message that Netflix needed to send. If you are engaging in illegal acts, and if you are abusing people, you will be let go. If you are operating like Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey, you cannot be in the Netflix family.

Netflix set a precedent

Netflix has succeeded in setting a precedent for their company that may well make them much more enjoyable to watch in the future. The Netflix family is quite small compared to the largest TV networks and movie production companies, and Netflix has quite a lot of control over who works for them. You and I can be well assured that we will be watching people of the best possible character because of this singular decision.