"90 Day Fiance" star David Murphey’s quest to meet Lana, his girlfriend from Ukraine, has been a heartbreaking storyline to watch on the fourth season of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days." As the season has progressed, David’s efforts to track down Lana have borne no fruits. The 60-year-old reality star has made four trips to Ukraine to see his girlfriend in person, but each time, he has returned to the United States without achieving his goal. Fans have felt sorry for the American since it appears obvious that Lana is a catfish.

Lana turns out to be real

However, David has insisted that Lana is a real person. The American reality star has claimed that TLC has edited his storyline to make it appear as if Lana is a catfish. Although the 60-year-has failed to elaborate on his allegations, a video has surfaced on the Internet supporting his claims. The video contains spoilers of David’s storyline and the upcoming episode of "90 Day Fiance," and it confirms that Lana is indeed a real Ukrainian woman.

In the video, TLC producers question Lana about her relationship with David, and she confirms that she has been dating him on a foreign dating website for close to seven years. The beautiful Lana reveals that she lives in Kyiv, but she is originally from Pavlohrad, the town David had visited in his efforts to track her down.

Lana tells producers that she loves makeup and jewelry and that she would love to visit the United States in her lifetime.

When quizzed about her past relationships, Lana says that she is not married or engaged. The Ukrainian beauty decided to register on an online dating website to find a man worthy of her attention, and it is through the site that she started dating David.

Lana also reveals that she decided to contact David after reading his dating profile and seeing that they had many things in common. However, producers question Lana about her decision to target foreigners on the dating website, and the Ukrainian reality star refuses to respond to the question. Lana also appears to be uncomfortable when the producers grill her about the amount of money that David has sent to her during their time together.

Lana faces tough question over money she received from David

She tells the producers to skip the question and does not disclose anything about her financial relationship with David. From the video, it appears that David and Lana’s storyline will have a successful conclusion since they finally meet each other in person, and David eventually proposes to her. Next Sunday’s episode on TLC could be an interesting turning point for David’s quest to meet Lana, and viewers may finally get to see Lana and understand why she has taken so long to be with him.