Lisa Hamme and her Nigerian boyfriend, Usman, have thrilled fans with their often-turbulent relationship in the fourth season of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days." Although the couple has argued on several occasions, they have still made it clear that they intend to get married by the end of the season. During last Sunday’s episode, their courthouse wedding fell through after Lisa failed to provide her divorce papers on time. While the couple’s relationship may appear peaceful, the next few episodes could reveal an interesting twist in their storyline.

Lisa and Usman on Tell All episode

Meanwhile, Lisa and Usman have a huge argument during the season’s "Tell-All" episodes, which will air later this month. Fans have constantly urged Usman to stand up to Lisa’s brash attitude, and the Nigerian reality star could finally have had enough of his assertive 54-year-old girlfriend.

On the "90 Day Fiance: Tell All" episode, Lisa not only had a verbal fight with Usman but she also fought with the show's host Shaun Robinson. Here's the clipping from the episode.

Lisa and Usman have argued constantly over who should have more control in their relationship. While Usman has contended that he should be in control, Lisa has insisted that they should have equal say over all matters affecting their union.

The American reality star has also exhibited a jealous attitude when Usman has interacted with his female music fans.

Lisa and Usman on '90 Day Fiance'

In the upcoming "Tell All" episodes, the couple will argue over an alleged female admirer who has been sending text messages to Lisa about her love for Usman. While Lisa will confront Usman about the messages, the Nigerian reality star will react aggressively to her accusations and stand up for himself.

Lisa has often bullied Usman with her vulgar language, but her 30-year-old boyfriend appears fed up with her, and their relationship could be on its deathbed. The Tell All episodes will take place in video chat format due to the coronavirus pandemic. Usman and Lisa’s confrontation in the Tell All episodes raises questions over their long-term future.

Last month, Usman gave an interview in which he alleged that he was only dating Lisa because she had threatened to commit suicide if he broke up with her. The Nigerian reality star also said that he would like to marry other wives as permitted by his Muslim religion. After Usman made the comments, Lisa’s promoter, Rocco Straz, told In Touch Weekly magazine that his client had not threatened to commit suicide if Usman broke up with her. Straz also insisted that Lisa does not need Usman and that she would not object if he married other wives as long as he provided for all of them. Viewers will have to tune in to the remaining episodes of the show to find out about Lisa and Usman’s fate. Stay tuned for more news and updates on "90 Day Fiance."