When Calls the Heart” celebrates the joy and strength of genuine love like no other drama among the myriad of TV Shows. Even among the family-friendly offerings from other networks, the Hallmark Channel series, which has become the centerpiece of its network, exudes a compelling sense of community, humanity, and peace so welcome in these days of quarantine and uncertainty amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

Last week, fans witnessed how Hope Valley came together for the common good when a chickenpox outbreak sprang from the community on “When Calls the Heart.” Not so long ago, the contagion of smallpox, chickenpox, and illness from diseased cattle, as portrayed in “Little House on the Prairie” through an anthrax contamination years back, cost millions of lives.

The silver lining to the current siege of this novel virus is that lessons will be learned, research will be done, and valid treatments and vaccines will be developed. Ingenuity and perseverance always come through, as real-life heroes devote themselves to service in ways beyond what screenwriters can imagine.

There's nothing like a wedding to remind hearts of timeless celebrations, and no one does a wedding more memorably than “When Calls the Heart.” Fans will have to wait a while before Elizabeth Thornton, brought to life by Erin Krakow, is anywhere near ready for exchanging vows again. For now, the teacher, civic leader, librarian, and single mother is simply adjusting to receiving attention from two striking eligible men in town.

As reported on March 19, by Parade, and March 18, by ShowbizCheatSheet, Elizabeth is delightfully surprised by a bouquet of flowers left at her door, with no identity ascribed, in “An Unexpected Gift." Fans certainly have their opinions about the mystery gift, but meanwhile, Hope Valley and all of “When Calls the Heart is enthralled in wedding preparations.

‘When Calls the Heart’ steps up for wedding fun

Rosemary Coulter, exquisitely characterized by Pascale Hutton, knows how to plan a “When Calls the Heart” party down to the last detail and smidge of napkin lace. She has every form of festivity in mind for Clara’s (Eva Bourne) bachelorette party. In contrast, Rosemary's husband, Leland Coulter (Kavan Smith), has hardly lifted a finger by way of planning Jesse's (Aren Buchholz) bachelor party.

Sneak peeks from Parade reveal the ladies playing games and having refreshments together in a home, and later, saloon owner, Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally) entertains them with a magic trick at his establishment.

The guys sitting with Lee sipping beer are having all the fun of doomed lemmings. Finally, the guest of honor decides to get up and join the lively ladies.

In another clip, what Lee doesn't have in the way of event planning, he makes up for with marital wisdom. He counsels his friend and employee to “enjoy what you have” instead of worrying about not measuring up as a husband. Lee also reminds Jesse that his fiancée is totally in love with him.

Elizabeth thinks she knows her secret admirer on ‘When Calls the Heart’

Elizabeth Thornton abruptly interrupts with “Who wants more punch?” during the party. She is trying her best to detract Judge Bill Avery (Jack Wagner) off her cover story of making a cake for a little Jack, not wanting Clara to know all the plans for the party. There's more than one secret being kept in this “When Calls the Heart” installment.

The law and order judge declares that “there'd really only be two suspectswhen it comes to Elizabeth's bouquet. Neither Lucas or Nathan is surrendering any information.

Some “When Calls the Heart” faithful don't necessarily think the romantic perpetrator solution applies. Some feel that one of Elizabeth's students, like Opal (Ava Grace Cooper), could have left the flowers as a thank you to her teacher for stopping by to read some story chapters and seeing that she got immediate attention with her chickenpox.

In a video preview, Rosemary's voice says “nobody deserves it more,” over the flurry of guesses about the admirer. It would be just like Rosemary to offer a gift to her dear friend who called nurse Faith Carter (Andrea Brooks), about to catch her stagecoach to her side when her high fever spiked.

As for the gentleman, one fan surmised that Nathan grew the flowers from the seeds of the Evergreen he gave Allie at Christmas. That was a tree, not flowers, and the Constable has never shown much interest in the sciences, such as horticulture. Lucas, on the other hand, loves to delight Elizabeth and the residents of Hope Valley with grand gestures, and a bouquet of flowers would be touching without being over-the-top.

The flowers could also be in return for something Elizabeth quietly did, as she is known for, which made a difference to individual local life. The fun of seeing the courting play out will be the best part of “When Calls the Heart” throughout Season 7.

Elizabeth deserves to love again on ‘When Calls the Heart’

The playful mystery is certainly enticing for fans in the coming March 22 episode. There's no mystery about the high hopes that Elizabeth does find new love in her future.

Elizabeth describes that “there's nothing like unconditional love,” to Lucas in last week's “Sweet and Sour” episode, referring to her time with her toddler son. Without missing a beat, Lucas replies: “You deserve nothin’ less.”

Lucas is making his feelings for Elizabeth clearer and clearer.

Elizabeth has to dig to prompt Nathan to reveal any deep emotion, but she clearly thinks he is worth the effort. No matter who Elizabeth chooses to be the holder of her heart, Erin Krakow is right to call both “When Calls the Heart” men “pretty decent choices” and the “Hearties” get to see everything unfold week by week. There's no rush needed in her decision. This uplifting drama never runs low on love.