When Calls the Heart” enthralls millions of faithful “Hearties” with the trials, triumphs, delights, and detours depicted through the lives of beloved characters in Hope Valley. Many fans will verify that every episode has elements to treasure, from the superb performances to the rich storylines, and even seeing the young cast members who portray the students of Elizabeth Thornton (Erin Krakow). The Northwest Territory teacher makes learning an adventure as she guides and shapes the next generation growing from the rugged community while she raises her young son and balances life.

The only downside to being a devoted “When Calls the Heart” fan is that the seasons seem to zoom at the speed of supersonic jets instead of the trot of a horse-drawn carriage.

The Season 7 finale of “When Calls the Heart” is just days away, and the Hallmark Channel drama’s creator-executive producer is praising the climactic arc of the season-ending episode as “the best in the business” of TV Shows while he rallies “Hearties” for Season 8, as Good Housekeeping reported via Yahoo on April 19. Judging from the romantic dilemmas, new family directions, and life-and-death cliffhanger teasing from the final episode, the demand for Season 8 couldn't be stronger.

Lee is fine, but not everybody is OK on ‘When Calls the Heart’

Tense followers of “When Calls the Heart” felt as concerned and on-edge as everyone gathered at Abigail's Café yearning for good news on Lee Coulter (Kavan Smith). Fortunately, in the first few minutes of April 19’s “New Possibilities,” Elizabeth’s caring delivery of dinner reveals to everyone that Hope Valley’s lumber mill owner and the love of Rosemary's (Pascale Hutton) life is awake and functioning after his blow from the tree.

He is even up to playing ball with little Jack (Lincoln and Gunnar Taylor).

Not everyone is faring as well in the aftermath of the mountaintop rescue. Opal (Ava Grace Cooper) is struggling not only with concern for Emily (Gracyn Shinyei) but also with fears of everything outdoors. Elizabeth relates how fear can rob us of all of the wonderful experiences if we allow ourselves to be kept inside walls.

She partners up with Opal for her first try at returning to outdoor play. Cooper is a reigning princess of the “aww” moments.

Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry) is having an even harder time shedding his fears, anger, and dejection after his outburst with Elizabeth on the mountain. She instantly knows the root of his emotions, and puts forth the question: “ Do you know how I ended up with Lucas in Union City? He asked,” Erin Krakow conveys the perfect tone for this “When Calls the Heart” moment. Elizabeth and Rosemary have a talk about how issues of trust have put Nathan and Lucas (Chris McNally) into “questionable” categories.

Lucas immediately owns up to his folly, confessing he was wrong and confirming that he will not make the same mistake again.

Elizabeth accepts his heart was in the right place. In turn, he tells her about Henry Gowen’s (Martin Cummins) refusal to show the oil company ledger to his partner. Elizabeth has invested herself in becoming Henry's advocate, and she tells him that no matter how dire the present financial circumstances are, being honest is the only answer. She assures him that he has friends and the support of Hope Valley, no matter how business is going. She urges that Lucas “can help you clean it up” if the real figures are known. Lucas has extended a huge amount of patience with Henry, too.

Lee reaches out to his estranged sister on ‘When Calls the Heart’

Lee's brush with death has birthed a new desire to reconnect with family, particularly his sister, Susanna.

After the death of their brother, Patrick, Lee, and Susanna had a falling out and she became so distant that Lee never mentioned her to Rosemary. Lee knows only that he thinks she moved to Ohio after their father died. This storyline could be deep and meaningful through many “When Calls the Heart” episodes to come.

Fiona’s (Kayla Wallace) Intrepid telephone tracking helps Lee to locate his sister. Sadly, poor Fiona has her own situation with “family stuff,” as she relates to Clara when she returns to Hope Valley after a secretive trip. Fiona and Nathan have a brief encounter at the train station, where Nathan is there to intercept and arrest a very dangerous lawbreaker. Fiona gets a call from Mr.

Nichols at the telephone company that she is being transferred, and very soon. She can't even try to hide her tears when sharing the news with Carson (Paul Greene). Wallace brings an irrepressible independent female presence to “When Calls the Heart” and the drama certainly would be lacking without her character’s spice.

Family ties and shots fired on ‘When Calls the Heart’

Lee tries to call Susanna after Fiona’s assistance, but she hangs up. He pleads with her not to hang up on his second try. “I'll have to think about this,” she replies to his request to come to see her. The coming preview depicts the sister’s arrival in Hope Valley. Rosemary is the most faithful and stalwart wife on “When Calls the Heart,” and she implores that “whatever it is” between the siblings, it's time to “let it go.”

Bets are on that the bad guy snagged up by Nathan isn't going without a fight.

“Someone's been shot!” echoed alarmed words in the preview clip for “Don't Go.” Nathan mustered the courage to apologize for overreacting this week, and his declaration that “You matter to me,” with Elizabeth equates to Shakespearean sonnets for the expressively-challenged Mountie. No matter what side any fan takes regarding Elizabeth's suitors, nobody wants either man lost. While Lucas doted on Elizabeth when he escorted her for a lavish, literary time in Union City, Nathan can't quite work up the courage to ask her for a date in the “Don't Go” sneak peek. With so much up in the air for the single mother, “When Calls the Heart” fans will again be wondering all summer long.

‘When Calls the Heart’ creator calls for a Season 8 rally

Brian Bird, from the very beginning of “When Calls the Heart,” has savored the open conversation with the drama’s fervent fans. He credits these last two episodes of Season 7 to the writers in one social media post, praising the “subtext and emotional layers.”

The show’s driving creative force is also driving Hearties to get behind the hashtag: #Season8WouldBeGreat. By this time, after Season 5’s cast upheavals, When Calls the Heart” already had the assurance of Season 6 and Season 7 as a reward to fans.

With the future holding so much in the balance for Lee and Rosemary and their expanding family, hopefully in more ways than one, Elizabeth’s heart choices, not to mention Carson and Faith presumably planning another “When Calls the Heart” wedding, there’s no debate. Season 8 WILL be great.