Fans of “When Calls the Heart” still have about 12 days of waiting for the beloved Hallmark Channel drama to return for Season 6, but newcomer Chris McNally gave fans a special Easter weekend treat. The versatile and strikingly handsome actor has an impressive resume of credits. It spans his sci-fi stints on the CW's “Supernatural” and the realm of “Altered Carbon” to his Hallmark favorite feature, “The Sweetest Heart.”

Now that the star has found a home on the Hallmark Channel and in Hope Valley as the new saloon owner, Lucas Bouchard, he seems to be everywhere.

That includes his hosting duties with Jen Lilley for the “Countdown to Summer” Hallmark movie preview on Easter weekend. Chris McNally made quite a departure from his vest and waistcoat period attire from the 1900s, looking quite casual in his polka dot shirt and boat shoes.

Between the customary praise for the upcoming summer Saturday night lineup, Chris McNally made no attempt to hide his affection for canines, as evidenced on the video posted April 22. As if his talent, charm, deep voice, and looks weren't enough in his arsenal to win fan affection, his true “puppy love” has to pull him over the top.

No fear of fur

Chris McNally has featured a few photos of himself from the “When Calls the Heart” set.

Some are just cozy with castmates, and others are with horses. A peek at the actor’s social media certainly displays his love for dogs, especially his two precious “pitskys” (pit bull and husky mixes) with whom he frequently cuddles.

During his interlude with the Hallmark Channel’s pet adoption advocate, Larissa Wohl, Chris McNally proved to be an absolute magnet for doggies of all ages.

While he held handfuls of fuzzy pups, another older dog ready for adoption, Bugle, came right up to get into the actor's lap. Dogs have a very acute nose for knowing who is truly a dog person, and Chris McNally passed with flying sniffs.

Wohl told viewers that “Adoption is the best option,” as an ambassador for Adoption Ever After and

Chris McNally didn't need any urging or cue cards to encourage watchers to “Adopt, don't shop,” seeing as his pooches are rescues.

Larissa couldn't help but note that the star and the adoptive animals seemed very willing to make Chris McNally a pet papa again. Instead of just announcing his upcoming movie feature, “Sailing Into Love,” he quipped that he was “sailing into puppy love,” lapping up all the loving licks.

Viewers are still unraveling all the mystery to McNally's character of Lucas Bouchard, but “When Calls the Heart” has quite a history with special animals. Fans will never forget Rip, the beloved Basset hound who belonged to the late Mountie Jack. Erin Krakow is taking good care of his horse, Sergeant.

They also sent their co-star some birthday greetings.

Homecoming and departures

While viewers look forward to Chris McNally staying through quite a few seasons of “When Calls the Heart,” the actor is filling up his roster of features. He has more on the horizon with Hallmark and a very different kind of project on Lifetime.

“Sailing Into Love” premieres on May 18 on Hallmark, and features McNally as a schooner captain, Tom. Tom is a former Navy man who agrees to shuttle students for Claire, portrayed by Leah Renée. Claire has a busy summer between teaching her summer biology class and being a fully-booked bridesmaid. Things get more complicated when her former boyfriend comes to Blue Island with plans to develop the unspoiled paradise.

“Heaven” is an adaptation of the VC Andrews novel for Lifetime, and Chris McNally takes on the role of Cal, who struggles to protect an emotionally vulnerable teenage girl amidst a very difficult situation, and finds himself developing feelings for her.

Chris McNally loves the challenges of his diverse roles and feels right at home on “When Calls the Heart,” while still taking other roles. Being a working actor takes talent and a positive attitude, and having a puppy to come home to makes any day better.