Disney is currently working on the "Rogue One" prequel series that will be released on Disney+. The show is bringing in a new showrunner with Tony Gilroy. Gilroy replaces Stephen Schiff, who left the project for unknown reasons. Gilroy was already part of the project and served as the co-writer of the "Rogue One" film.

This series based on the film will tell the story of Cassian Andor, who was the Rebel Intelligence officer in the Movies. Lucasfilms is bringing back Diego Luna to reprise his role as Andor. The story will take place five years before "Rogue One." Disney also announced they are bringing back Genevieve O'Reilly and Denise Gough.

"Rogue One" series will bring back Mon Mothma

O'Reilly is returning as her character Mon Mothma. She previously appeared as Mon Mothma in the movies. Mothma is believed to be one of the leaders of the Rebel Alliance. Disney and Lucasfilms have not said who Denise Gough will be portraying. Alan Tudyk is returning as the droid K-2SO. Fans believed that the Disney+ series will reveal that Mon Mothma was, in fact, the one who recruited Cassian from the start. However, these are still rumors, so it's not worth accept it as truth.

Sadly, the coronavirus has put the "Rogue One" prequel series pre-production on hold. "Rogue One" star Diego Luna said shooting was planning to start very soon. While production is being delayed, the studio is still doing some work behind the scenes to gear up for the upcoming Disney+ series.

The industry has been put on hiatus, leaving many planned projects to receive new release dates. It appears that the "Rogue One" prequel series production will be delayed till the fall.

For now "The Mandalorian" is the only live-action "Star Wars" series on Disney+. It was a massive hit for Disney and fans are dying for the second season, which will release this fall.

Disney has already confirmed they are working on the "Rogue One" and the Obi-Wan Kenobi based series. For now, it appears that the home of "Star Wars" will be on the small screen.

'Rogue One' still set for 2021 release

While Tony Gilroy will be the new showrunner for the prequel series, he will also direct the first episode of the show.

Gilroy is also part of the writing team, along with his brother Dan Gilroy, Beau Willimon, and Stephen Schiff. Schiff eventually left the series but ended up writing a few of the early episodes.

O'Reilly is best known for his work in "Tolkien," and "The Kid Who Would Be King." Gough gained recognition for her work in "Angels in America." The planned prequel series is being called a spy thriller, filled with espionage and missions to restore the galaxy, which is under the grip of an evil Empire.