Actor Tom Lester has died at the age of 81 from complications from Parkinson's Disease according to TMZ. Lester is best known for his role as Eb Dawson in the classic hit comedy "Green Acres."Tom Lester passed away on Monday in Nashville at the home of his fiancee and caregiver Jackie. Lester first began his acting career in the mid-60s after beating out more than 400 other actors auditioning for the role of Eb.

Tom Lester recalls wanting to be like Don Knotts

Classic television pop-culture history reveals that Lester landed the role on the hit comedy due to having one talent the other lacked.

He, thanks to his farmhand experience was the only one auditioning who knew how to milk a cow in real life.

Lester once stated he was first inspired to become an actor by actor Don Knotts. Lester claimed he became an actor because he did not first come off as a typical leading man, much like Knotts. Tom revealed his friends and family laughed calling him "crazy" when he told them of his career plans. His family, he stated told him he was "too tall, skinny and ugly" adding he looked nothing like movie star heartthrob Rock Hudson.

Tom Lester's character Eb Dawson of 'Green Acres' a fan favorite for classic TV fans

Tom went on to surprise and stun those who doubted him. After landing the role on "Green Acres" much like his idol Donn Knotts on "Andy Griffith" capturing the hearts and laughter of viewers worldwide quickly becoming a fan favorite throughout the series lifespan.

Lester continues to entertain classic television fans young and old who continue to watch the classic comedy in syndication.

Not only did Tom Lester appear for all 6 running seasons of "Green Acres" he also made a few guest appearances on the show's sister series, "Petticoat Junction, and "The Beverly Hillbillies," as well as beloved hits such as “Love, American Style,” and “Little House on the Prairie" to name a few.

Following Lester's long-running stint on "Green Acres," Tom went on to appear in two hit films, "Benji" and "Gordy." He also appeared in a guest role in the 1980s hit series "Knight Rider." Close friend, actor Gary Moore spoke with Fox News about his longtime pal and co-actor recalling meeting Tom more than 20-years ago. He reveals the two had an instant connection and he began taking Tom along to autograph shows because so many "Green Acres" fans wanted to meet him.

'Green Acres' star remembered

“Green Acres,” first began airing in 1965 and tells the tale of a fancy New York City lawyer who moves to the country town of Hooterville with spoiled rich wife to become farmers. The comedy series aired until 1971 also starred Eddie Albert, Eva Gabor and Pat Buttram. Lester at 81 was the last surviving cast member, TV leads Eva Gabor past away in 1995 and Eddie Albert died in 2005.

Tom Lester received his final acting credit in 2014 for "Campin' Buddies." Tom Lester is survived by his fiancee Jackie, his brother, one great-great-niece and one great-great-nephew. Lester was 81.