Famous American actress Alicia Silverstone recently made an absolute bombshell revelation while she was giving an interview to the British media outlet, The Guardian. Alicia opened up in the interview about how she began drifting away from acting and stopped loving it after she received severe criticism regarding her body size after playing the character of Batgirl in George Clooney's "Batman and Robin," that was released in theatres way back in 1997.

Silverstone, who is currently 43 years old, was barely a 19-year-old kid, in 1995, when she starred in the highly successful comedy movie titled "Clueless," that eventually led to her signing a multi-million dollar movie contract with one of America's most famous production house, Columbia Pictures, for the big-budget superhero movie called "Batman and Robin." However, her landing the once-in-a-lifetime, well-paid acting role was just the beginning of the problems that she was about to face in the ruthless world of Hollywood.

Tabloids fat-shaming Silverstone after the failure of ‘Batman & Robin’

Despite being cast as one of the supporting characters, Barbara Wilson AKA Batgirl, the famously poor performance of "Batman & Robin" at the Hollywood box office had managed to place Silverstone at the center of the American tabloids' judgment, which can sometimes be pretty blunt and merciless. Apart from the media industry, she was even attacked by the film fraternity as she had received a Razzie Award for the worst supporting actress in a movie, which she says shook her confidence.

Several years later, in a lengthy interview with The Guardian, Silverstone finally admitted that the failure of the 1997 superhero movie took a toll on her life, in a major way, largely because she took the comments that were trolling the actress about her weight, at the time of the film's release, to heart.

Alicia told the British news outlet that whenever the media published a piece making fun of her body weight, she was severely hurt but at the same time she was very much confused. She says that even at that time, she was aware of the fact that criticizing someone based on their body shape was a wrong thing to do.

During the 90s, the brutal gossip tabloids popularly used to refer to Alicia as ‘Fatgirl’ and the much worse thing is that the paparazzi, in order to get her attention, used to relentlessly shout that word when capturing her photographs.

The most controversial point came when a journalist allegedly asked Silverstone about the size of her bra. According to the actress, she knew exactly what was wrong and what was right and so when things around her began turning toxic, she made an effort to learn from it.

Silverstone's projects apart from acting

Alicia Silverstone shared with The Guardian that sometimes when her working environment went sideways, she didn't just start snapping at other people by acting like a warrior.

Instead, she didn't pay attention to what those people said to her. However, she made a point to never go back to those things again. Even though Alicia herself said to the media brand that the plan she had adopted for approaching things such as ‘male creepiness’ wasn't very well laid out, the confidence she had instilled in herself allowed her to stay away from what other people desired her to do and rather concentrate her energy on what she actually wanted to achieve in her life.

The actress revealed, in her recent interview, that she stopped falling in love with acting for a significant period of time, explaining that although she knew that acting was her calling in life, she had to find a way to focus on both her passions, acting and being an activist.

She had also briefly talked about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which is affecting numerous communities around the world. She said that she is trying to do everything that she can to help the needy amid these uncertain times. She is currently helping the essential frontline doctors get access to an adequate number of personal protective gear.