Charlotte Stewart, the actress best known as Miss Beadle on "Little House On The Prairie" has led quite an interesting life, and she is dishing on all the shocking details in her new tell-all memoir "Little House in the Hollywood Hills: A Bad Girl's Guide to Becoming Miss Beadle, Mary X, and Me."

Charlotte Stewart tell-all really does tell it all

Who would have ever suspected that the woman who played Laura Ingalls Wilder's teacher and mentor on the popular 70's family drama was at one time a wild party girl who dated Jim Morrison, Bill Murray, and hung out with Elvis Presley?

Charlotte Stewart, 76, reveals in her new book that she was very close with The Doors frontman Jim Morrison and was even with the "Light My Fire" singer drinking with Jim just days before his death.

'Little House' star opens up on drug and booze fueled past

Stewart reveals that Jim was a very heavy drinker and believes his death was not due to a drug overdose. She reveals that Morrison suffered from "extremely high blood pressure" and an enlarged heart due to having rheumatic fever as a young boy, and believes these medical conditions, coupled with his heavy drinking, were responsible for his death.

Charlotte Stewart also talks about the time she worked with Elvis Presley on the film "Speedway." Charlotte recalls that Presley was instantly drawn to her and asked her to talk with him one day after filming.

She reveals that he shared feelings about his late mother Gladys and how much he missed her. He also confided in her how very hurt he was when he was stationed in the army and unable to return home during her final days.

Stewart's encounter with another big name celebrity did not leave her with fond memories. That celebrity was "Saturday Night Live" star Bill Murray, with whom she reveals she had a "one night stand with," and never spoke to again.

The "Little House" star also talks about some major struggles she went through in her life, revealing how she became addicted to alcohol and drugs.

The addiction sent her life spiraling out of control, she claims, and her business manager also had a very expensive drug addiction, one he spent her money on. She recalls being broke, losing her home, and credited her niece with writing her a brutally honest and heartfelt letter urging her to get help.

In 1984 Charlotte was healthy and sober again, and had her life back on track. She began working on the 1990 series "Twin Peaks," and has kept her life on the right track ever since. In 2017, Stewart, older, and much, much wiser, claims she is happy and keeps very busy. She still tours with her former "Little House" cast members and will be appearing on the new "Twin Peaks" reboot which airs in May.

“Let’s face it, I have to stay busy,” she added. “I love to read, but I can’t spend my days reading or shopping. I work every day and prefer it that way.”

Charlotte Stewart's tell-all book is available in books stores now.