"90 Day Fiance" star Lisa Hamme wants to make everyone know that she did not travel across the Atlantic just to be rejected. The "90 Day Fiance" cast member is not going to give up just yet. This is even as the mother of Usman Umar continues to withhold her approval of their relationship, reports EOnline.

The couple met up with Usman’s brother to get his help in convincing their family’s matriarch. His brother told them that their mother is still shocked by the fact that Lisa proposed to Usman. Despite not necessarily endorsing their relationship, he agreed to try his best to persuade their mother.

Meanwhile, fans slammed Lisa for calling Usman's mom "mummy" because of both the ladies having almost the same age. Fans showed their anger regarding the issue on social media after the latest episode.

Usman Umar takes Lisa Hamme to the mosque

In Sunday’s "90 Day Fiance" episode, Usman Umar accompanied Lisa Hamme to a mosque near their home. They are hoping to make an even grander attempt to convince his mom to give them her blessing. It turns out that his brother was unsuccessful in his attempts to convince their mother. They had to think of another way to make their mother see reason.

Usman realized that it may be a good step to display how willing Lisa Hamme is to follow traditions. It was at this point that he thought of the idea to bring his girlfriend to a mosque.

Their mom is a devout Muslim so he thinks it may be worth a shot. However, it still did not work. This time, Usman’s mother told her point-blank that she is too old for her son. She also said in a confessional that he does not want Usman to become a servant in America.

It can be recalled that Lisa and Usman prepared well for their first meeting with his family.

She brought a goat as a gift to help her make a good impression. She also had Usman bring her a set of traditional Nigerian clothes to wear.

Lisa in pain because of foot injury?

In other news, Lisa Hamme admitted that she was suffering from a foot injury during the Nigerian scenes. According to her, she had an incident just before the "90 Day Fiance" crew flew her to the African country. The Pennsylvania resident recently thanked her surgeon for helping her deal with the injury. It is unclear whether she underwent surgery this month.

But she did say that the injury is still on its healing process even months after she first felt pain.

Usman comes out as bisexual?

Meanwhile, Usman Umar surprised fans when he recently mentioned that he is bisexual online. However, it looks like Usman only misunderstood the question thrown at him online. He does not really like men, especially with his background as a young Muslim man in a conservative country. Let us know what you think about Lisa and Usman's relationship. Stay tuned for more news and updates on "90 Day Fiance."