With the whole world in quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Spanish speaking people and people who listen to Spanish/Latin trap/Reggaeton music got something to be excited about. Popular Spanish rapper, Anuel AA, is featured on 'Follow' with his fiancee Karol G, released his own song '3 de Abril' and with 6ix9ine now under home confinement, a Spanish album from the highly controversial rapper will come sometime soon.


On Monday, Karol G shared a snippet of the song on Instagram with her and Anuel AA singing the opening of the song. She stated that if the post got 500 000 comments, she would release it.

It ended up happening as it exceeded 500 000 comments and the post has been viewed almost nine million times.

Wednesday night, Karol G released the song which is called "Follow" that features her fiancee Anuel AA. The duration of the music video is 3:23 and the song is produced by Ovy on the Drums. The music video is homemade as it was shot by the couple who kind of document a few things they have been doing in quarantine in their Miami apartment. Some things they have been doing include playing PlayStation, Jenga, caring for their new dog among other activities they do.

So far, the song has gotten over 8.5 million views but based on their other collaborations, expect the view count to go much higher.

The first song they collaborated on, "Culpables" has 814 million views, the second song they collaborated on "Secreto", which they revealed to the public their love for each other and that they were a couple has gotten close to a billion views as it's currently at 988 million and their third song, "Dices Que Te Vas" has gotten over 122 million views.

"Follow" is their fourth of many future expectant collaborations together.

"3 de Abril"

This song is strictly just Anuel AA although it was produced again by Ovy on the Drums and Yampi. Anuel AA released the song at midnight as he marks the fourth anniversary of his arrest for gun possession.

He starts off the song with his trademark "Real Hasta La Muerte" before he gives Kobe Bryant a little tribute by rapping "Kobe en el cuarto quarter tirando el balon/Soy la mejor version de mi cuando estoy bajo presion".

He gets very personal in the song as he reveals some personal information that his fans did not know about him before. He reveals that his dad lost his job at Sony Music in Puerto Rico and with no money coming in his household, he turned to crime as a source of income.

As with crime, he talks about how he was kidnapped and almost died by rapping "Me trataron de secuestrar y casi me moria/Dio obra en sendero' misteriso/Un dia me trataron de secuestrar, pero sali con vida". (English translation: They tried to kidnap me and I almost died/He gave a mysterious work on the trail/One day they tried to kidnap me, but I came out alive). He raps how after he was kidnapped but came out alive, a few days later he was arrested for gun possession.

He mentions controversial English/Spanish rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine with the line "Y la vida e' un sube y baja, miren a Tekashi". (English translation: And life is a rise and fall, look at Tekashi). Anuel AA had previously collaborated with 6ix9ine on the songs "Bebe" and "Mala" but in an interview a couple of months ago, he said he would no longer collaborate with him due to his snitching.

As part of the audio, he includes a news reporter talking about his arrest. In 17 hours, the audio has received 3.2 million views on YouTube. He also released a 39-second video promoting the song on Instagram and Facebook and can be seen reuniting with his son once he was released from prison.

6ix9ine Spanish album

In December 2019, 6ix9ine was sentenced to two years in prison with time served being granted as he already spent 13 months in prison meaning he had 11 months left on his sentence. He was expected to be released earlier on August 2, due to good behaviour but just yesterday, he was released into home confinement due to Coronavirus circulating in the prison he was staying at, the fact that he was at high risk of contracting and having the virus which would severely affect his health negatively due to his asthma among other health issues.

When he was in prison, it was reported that he signed a deal with the music label 10K Projects for at least $10 million where he would be contractually obliged to release an English and Spanish album.

In an interview with Complex, his lawyer stated that he can release new music under house arrest and that it's going to come soon. His lawyer also stated that he could be back on social media soon. "So far, I haven't seen any restrictions about him not being able to go on social media. Obviously it has to be in good taste. No more trolling"

6ix9ine being able to go back on social media would be a welcoming addition to his fans and followers. He currently has 14.2 million followers with many people following him back as he was at 13.9 million yesterday. At his peak before his arrest, he had 15.6 million followers and was once among Instagram's top 100 in terms of followers.